Ladies- Some Advice

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  1. You may save me from myself:graucho::graucho:
    Am I crazy for paying 1400.00 for a LV Globe Shopper PM (brand new)
    I have until tomorrow morning to decide.. Help!!
  2. For the PM, I think that might be a bit high. I love, love, love the bag. And if the PM size works for you, do it!! For me, it was a little small. That said, I would pay $1400 for the MM or GM. And I would do it for a bag I loved, regardless of size!! Good luck deciding!
  3. I personally think it's a lot for that bag because I simply cannot tell the fakes - That's a hard one. I guess if you love it - go for it!
  4. For 1,400$, I think it's a little steep. I'd do it definitely for a MM sized one, but I'm not sure.
  5. I agree with the majority here. I think it is a little pricey for the PM. If it is something that you have had your heart set on though, then buy it. If I were absolutely in love and it were my only chance to buy it, I'd spend the money most likely, even though it's really pricey, but that's just crazy ol' me:smile:
  6. very your money
  7. Im starting to have reservations about it- as deep in my heart I to feel its a bit much...I wonder if they will ever come out with another design similar to this. I just love the stamping on it...
  8. I agree with the ladies above..too expensive for PM size but if you really love it Go for it..
  9. I think it is too much for the PM ...wait and see what the cruise range looks like as that will have the globe stamp on it:yes:
  10. When does the cruise line come out?
  11. if you really like it go for it.
  12. Well, I decided that that price is a bit much for a PM and I would rather have an MM anyways. Thank you ladies for the input-:flowers:
  13. I'd wait for the 07 Cruise collection...they'll probably have something similar, and you'll get your choice in sizes. And it'll be the latest!!