Ladies: So WHAT is the material on the Biarritz???

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  1. Ladies,

    I love the look of this bag, but trying to figure out what it's made out of. Any help you can provide will be great!!!
  2. nylon I think. . . sort of like a Kate Spade or Prada bag.
  3. Coated canvas? Whatever it is, it's very durable and soft.
  4. Yes. The originals were a matte coated canvas. Similar to an LV canvas, but softer.
  5. I was led to believe it is a nylon-satin blend.
  6. do you guys think it's a good bag to purchase? i love the look of it, but since it's not leather i'm a bit on the fence. although i do own LV bags and know that they are coated canvas.
  7. I love mine. I use it to carry stuff for work.

    I mentioned before that I have managed to spill my coffee thermos inside the bag on two separate occasions. It cleans up very well. :lol:
  8. i use mine for work as well. it's a very worry-free bag, i love it - even withstands the weight of my laptop.
  9. Yeah it's canvas. I was going to buy this bag recently when I was in HK, and I asked the staff to confirm what material it's made out of. I think it's a really nice bag, but felt the handles were abit too uncomfortable to wear on the shoulder. Anyone else have this prob?
  10. ^ I found that the handles on the tote were a bit awkward on the shoulder because one keeps slipping off, so I bought the medium hobo and It's brilliant, I love this bag it's perfect for a chuck around Chanel!

  11. yeah thats a good point. Sort of prefer the smaller one tho, just looks so cute!
    I didn't actually give the next size up my full attention tbh, so might have a look next time I go (that's if my store has it!).