Ladies Show yourself in the NUDE LOL

  1. Hehe can you show me pics of you wearing your Nude Cl's Doesn't matter what style... but I am interested in seeing them on different leg/skin color etc

    I have some 100 ml yoyo nude patents on order!
  2. These are all old photos, but here is nude patent Numero Prive, Yoyos, and Very Prive.
    PICT0006.JPG PICT0018.JPG PICT0049.JPG
  3. lol, somehow i really do feel an inclination towards the yoyos than the no prives.. hehe ;)
  4. How did you get that photo with out rolling over??? He He!! If I tried to prop up my feet all pretty, hold still & use no hands for balance I would be rolling around.
  5. Kamilla, of all three which one do you love the most and find the easiest to wear???

  6. lmao!!! :roflmfao:

    I love the CL nudes, I am hoping to get a pair this season:love:
  7. Yoyos for sure! I absolutely love them and they are so comfortable.
    Don't get me wrong, I like the NP and VP too, but unfortunately the VP that I own is just too small on me so I haven't worn them yet (I am still waiting for the nude with burgundy tip to come through in my size).
  8. YoYo 110mm .. my fave nude style ....

  9. The yoyos are my favorite nude style too!
  10. I :heart::heart::heart: all of my CL patent nudes. I have the ballerina flat, yoyo, numero prive, very prive and the rolande. I've got pictures of my entire nude collection, but I do not have access to them at this time. I will sure post them when I get a chance.

    Here is a picture of the yoyo that I am wearing with a navy black halo jackie o dress.

  11. So, I want badly to love these (because they are gorgeous), but my first time wearing them, my feet became numb and I wanted to die. Then the other night, I wore them out and literally had to take them off at the end of the night on the way back to our car. Ughh...they are just so umcomfy to me. But beautiful nonetheless...
    yoyos 001 467x350.jpg
  12. WOW, you look great!
  13. I'm so sorry to hear that! I think that the yoyos are extremely comfortable. Perhaps you didn't get the correct size? Mind if I ask how you sized up?
    They look fabulous on you regardless.
  14. Which ones are the yo yos?

  15. kamilla, I wear a US size 8, and I got them in 38.5. I think I may try to track them down in a 39 because I really do love the shoe. How did you size? Do you think I should try to get them stretched around the toe area (which is where they hurt)???

    Do they look like they fit right on me?