Ladies! Show me your Tag Heuer wrists!

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  1. Morning everyone!

    I have a michele diamond deco and i am thinking of buying a tag heuer.

    I was thinking maybe 2 tone (no specific model). Or a black face (i am obsessed with the michele black face mini urban) but i don't think i want another michele?

    So..i want to see what different styles look like on a wrist.

    Also, do any of you wear mens watch ..i personally like bigger vs small and feminine
  2. C'mon ladies, there have to be some out there!
  3. thank you ^
  4. anyone?
  5. Here is my tag heuer pink aquaracer. There is a lot of ladies here with Tag watches. It would be cool if we could put all the photos in one thread, but there is a lot of photos in the Post photos of your watches thread. Come on ladies post your tag watches here.

  6. ^Love the pink face!
  7. Here's my Tag Carrera. White MOP face and diamond markers.

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  8. love the watches!

    post more please!!!
  9. Here is mine, Tag Heuer Aquaracer, I wear it daily

  10. Here's mine. Tag Heuer Link S/S, MOP dial and diamond bezel.
  11. i'm in the same boat! i was just looking at some tag black face watches.
    i saw these in the reference section



  12. i love this one too

  13. My Tag Heuer Grand Carrera with brown dial:

    Attached Files:

  14. beautiful!

    im loving the black diamond link
  15. Beautiful watch...I am thinking of getting the F1 series...Any recommendation?