Ladies, should we make sure its brand new?

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  1. With the Marais that I picked up back about 3 years ago...a peculiar thing happened.

    As I always like to choose from 2-3 bags of the same style to make sure that everything is right (some do look better than others to me)....a lady behind me told her SA if it was new....the SA smiled and nodded and the lady nodded. Like some sweet secret they were sharing. So....I asked for a new bag as soon as I saw my SA come back. She said that those 3 ones were all that they had.

    From then on, I do ask for brand new my Alma. It had plastic chelsea took them awhile to take it out of the cardboard box thing and took the cardboard thing inside too..and she took it back to freshin it up....

    Does that mean my other bags could have been, handled...displayed....or even....:wtf: :cursing: exchanged?
  2. i always try to get brand-new bags. i don't really like to think about where the bag's been if it's not.

    not that i'm ever in the store often enough to do that, but i hope that whatever i get form eLuxury is new.
  3. I usually just make sure that the bag that I get isn't flawed. It wouldn't really bother me if I ended up with a returned bag, so long as it's in pristine condition.
  4. Don't laugh but I think I am confused. When I purchased my bag the SA brought out 3 for me to take a look at. All 3 had no plastic coverings and were in their dustbags in a drawer under the counter. Are those the new ones or are those other people have returned? *yikes!* Is there a secret stash in the back with all the plastic coverings still on?
  5. im just the same. i make sure tht the bag i want isnt on display. i hate display bags.
  6. How I understand it is....
    When they get it, it has the plastic coverings, etc. They will take it out and freshen it up then put it in the dust cover and keep it down in the drawers to take out and show the customers. Its still new, but they do need to have it there so you can look at them.

    Its just that some people (im sure they buy tons of LV) ask specifically for a new one no one has touched. It is not their policy to keep some new ones in the back and the rest in the drawers for other. You know how it goes, if you have a good SA in an LV store, they might do it for you upon availability...Even the special ordered Damier speedy 25 I received 2 yrs back, just came in the dust cover.

    I just prefer it now that I have witnessed it....but they do say no alot...since its based on avilability and it is timing I think.
  7. You mean the display bags are not new? What about the accessories under the glass?
  8. I got my mc wapity yesterday and it came from a drawer, but it still had the plastic covering the zipper pull.
  9. Ohhhhh, So some do have the plastic covering??? Now Im confused....
  10. The SA I had was going to give me the MC Rift that she was showing me. And it obviously was shown a lot. And I asked for a brand new one. And she said the one she was showing me was brand new, then I said, I would love to buy one that isn't a display. And then the SA only opened the brand new MC RIft which was in the dust bag, with tissue paper in the bag - and all the blue seals were never removed. And we checked the bag to make sure it said 'made in France'. And then she wrapped up the new one that I wanted. I insisted, and the SA was great to know that this was important to me to have a brand new purse. :angel:
  11. Whats wrong with display bags? My fuchsia baggy pm was on display behind the glass at Holt Renfrew Edmonton (I saved 7%, woohoo!). I asked if they had another one but that was the only one they had left!
  12. Did you really save an extra 7% because it was display? did you ask to get this? it's only my personal preference - to get something new. I don't even buy a display t.v. at boxing day sales. Maybe I'm crazy for wanting things brand new, but its just a preference. :shrugs:
  13. No, I saved 7% cuz there is no PST in edmonton!:P
  14. Shoot..nothing at all and especially if you got that deal:nuts: !!
  15. I loved shopping in Edmonton. The SA I had was wonderful!
    I saved 7% with paying no PST on my LV purse. And only had to pay the 6% GST tax. :wlae: