Ladies, should I purchase the Tivoli PM or GM if I'm tall but....

  1. rarely, if ever, carry a shoulder bag (due to fractured shoulders during 2 seperate jumping accidents). To be used as a basic, everyday bag, but not with suits. I've searched, but the majority of pics are those around 5'2" - 5'6" and I'm over 6 ft (and usually wear at least 2 inches in casual boots w/jeans). I appreciate ALL your help. ;)
  2. go for the GM! I'm 5'2" so my pics won't help...but I don't find it too big at all!
  3. I would go for the GM. Thats the advantage of being tall! Lucky you.
  4. i love them both, but with being so tall you could totally pull off the GM as a handheld! I have the PM cause 1) i'm short 2) i can't easily afford the GM.
  5. Get the GM, hon! I'm a shortie who owns it and I think you would look FAB using it as a handheld! (looks like luggage when I wear it that way but I don't care...ha ha)
  6. I am tall and the GM was the right size for me:tup:
  7. Thank you ladies! Looks like the GM is the way to go!:yes:
  8. I'm short 5'3 but have a gm as well
  9. I'm 6ft as well and I would def go for the GM.
  10. you are so lucky with your height. I'm 5'2 and like everyone else, I got the PM as well.
  11. I personally like the GM better im 5'4 and i have that one, i love big bags to be sooo!
  12. There is a thread somewhere showing modeling pics with the gm handheld, as a shoulderbag and with different handle lengths, maybe that helps. From what I remember I think it would look perfect as a handheld!
  13. Go for the GM!