Ladies should i get

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  1. get a Ali, i am having second thought because i am thinking it might be too small.
  2. If you think its too small, then I would suggest not getting it... you don't want to have second thoughts on your purses!! :confused1: but if you do love it, then i'd say go for it!! :tup:
  3. what bag do you carry on a daily basis? and what do you carry? it's a good size bag.
  4. Ali fits a lot of stuff in it.

  5. I have three large ergo tote and the felicia bag and i love the size
  6. Ali is a good size bag and such a pretty!.. I say go get it girl!!
  7. I got an Ali because I liked the style and that it had a great drop/strap length. While certainly not a huge bag, I was pleasantly surprised how much it holds and how comfortable it is to wear. I ended up getting several. I'm a big bag person, but my Alis get a lot of use.

    The only things I sometimes put in a tote or large satchel type of bag that do not fit well in Ali are a water bottle and book. I also thought the flap might be annoying, but it is easy to get in and out of. So I vote to give it a try!!!
  8. The Ali holds a lot, is fairly big and very beautiful! I say yes!!!!! :tup:
  9. I love the Ali. It holds everything I need...
  10. Ali is quite big imo. It holds everything I need! I usually carry, 1 checkbook wallet, wristlet, cell phone, mini skinny, 2 sets of keys, small make up case with meds & such, lots of misc papers/receipts, mail, 1 sippy cup, 1 diaper, kleenex, mp3 player, small bag of cereal, and lots of other "junk".
    As you can tell-I use it for my daughters things also.
  11. The ali is not small at all..... You would be surprised at what you can hold in it.
  12. i don't know...i think i am the oddball out...i think my Ali is too small!!

    it does hold a lot, but i get annoyed by the flap and not being able to get to my things without having to take the bag off my shoulder. but the strap is wide, and comfortable on the shoulder and i don't get any slippage.

    but honestly, the ali is one of the bags that i regret purchasing. :sad: