Ladies sell me on the Ergo Bag

  1. I'm sooooo torn between the natural Ali and vintage ergo. I've got an ali, so I know what I like about that. I need you guys to sell me on the ergo. those of you who have it, what are the pros and cons about it? thanks!
  2. Augh I want that ergo SO BAD! The price makes me sad tho!
  3. I've tried on the ergo bags, especially that one, almost every time i've worked and I just can't get into them-- the shape, the size, the way they slide off my shoulder-- so I can't help... I love the Ali though, one of the AM's at my store has a natural and it's TDF :drool:
  4. I have the Ergo tote in natural, but not the tote. I can tell you that I am absolutely madly in love with my tote! It is the large size. I believe it will be an anti-trend bag that will be a classic forever.
  5. ALso because of the lack of hardware, the Ergos are very lightweight, that would sell me right there.

    The Ali is not my favorite bag of the Legacy line, but I'm not into "flap" bags so much. I hardly use my Soho flap even though it is gorgeous. Hobos are nice and slouchy which I love, but you have to dig around to find your stuff which can be a pain.
  6. The Natural Ergo Vachetta Hobo is beautiful. I own it and I love it. I also own two Ali's, but I consider myself to be a Hobo gal. I am not much into satchels but I love totes. I have more hobos in my collection than any
    other style of bag. If you already have an Ali why don't you branch out and try something different by getting an Ergo. You need to try the line to realize how nice it really is. Legacy bags are great but they are not light. The Ergos are and in the summer when it is 100 degrees I know that I do not want to be schlepping around a heavy legacy bag.
  7. I had the signature Ali and I just got the patent ergo hobo. The ergo is way lighter and just hangs a little nicer on me. Plus it's nice not to have to deal with the flap. I can get into the ergo while it's still on my shoulder - I don't have to take it off like I did with the Ali.
  8. that is why I'm leaning this way. Thanks!
  9. My new patchwork ergo is lightweight and I hold onto the front of the leather strap while its on my shoulder.

    I love it!
  10. I don't have the vachetta hobo, but I do have the ergo vachetta tote (not the Maude, but the $548 one). I love it. I can sling it over my shoulder with one hand (which is important) and it's definitely light. Normally I go for bags with lots of hardware so this is a welcome vacation for me. Plus, I love the way the vachetta looks.

    I have the Ali in whiskey and love it, but it's a different bag than the ergo. I love the ergo's simplicity. It looks both vintage, and modern all in one. I don't think it will ever go out of style. Besides, if you already have Ali, like someone else said, give ergo a try. :smile:
  11. I tried one on today and I must say it is very comfy. I have an Ali which I love, but the ergo felt lighter and it's really pretty too.
  12. Get the Ergo Vintage Vachetta Hobo, take it home, put your stuff in it and walk around your house with it - see how you feel. You already know how an Ali feels. Give this bag a try, you will love it. The Vachetta Leather will darken over time and get a lovely patina. I know this as this is what I was told at 1-800 -Coach. In the fall you will love the honey color this bag becomes. The
    Natural Ali will darken a bit but not by much. Just give the Ergo a try and you will not be disappointed. I should know I have purchased three this year, I have three from 2002. :smile:
  13. Hi Girls,
    I bought the Maude, and when it came I was a little horrified at hoe HUGE it was, but it's unbel. comfortable, and smooshes down to a good size.(I'm 5'5", with small shoulders, 110 lbs- I carry a lot to and from work-and everything just disappears inside this bag! The vintage leather is really beautiful, sort of a rich caramel. I def rec the Ergos-they are easy on the arms and eyes!
  14. thanks, I *think* I decided on this. But now I'm wondering about the shoulder in natural or the ergo???:graucho:
  15. You already have Legacy Bags, just give the Ergo a try.
    I am sure that you will like it and it may turn out to be your favorite bag. I know that it has become mine.