Ladies, really, should I get these sunglasses??

  1. Sorry for bothering you all again, but I have been thinking about getting a pair of sunglasses with WHITE frame, those plastic frame that have the 60s vintage vibe. I have been thinking about this pair, I really love the shape of this style, suites my face shape really well and very comfortable. BUT there is one concern - the black camellias. I am almost to the point rather not have the camellias, replaced them with a, say rhinestone CC...mainly because DH said the flowers look more like black ink dots/stains than flowers coz you cannot really see the detailing from far....

    Too bad, so far I haven't seen other white chanel sunglasses that have the shapes I like.

    How do you feel about those black camellias? Are they cute, or too tacky? Or seems like too much going on? I tried them yesterday, and despite the flowers, I am very much in love with the shape, lense color etc., just the flowers, I need some opinions, anyone?
    Chanel Sunglasses white 1.JPG Chanel Sunglasses white 2.jpg Chanel Sunglasses white 4.jpg
  2. I think they're gorgeous. I say go for it!
  3. lol, you are so funny! don't let DH tell you they look like dots. in the second picture, you can definitely see the petals of the camellia. it looks like a
    4-leaf clover, if anything. i personally like these the best as white frames (the black with white camellias next) are so chic and if they flatter your face, why not?! finding frames that suit your face is the most important.
  4. If you love them get them!! They are darling...I could never have white just because they will wear quick, (ie...get dirty quick) but they are so cute!!!!

  5. yea, originally i was thinking about getting these pair in brown, but I already have a pair of brown oliver peoples that I use daily. I would love to get a pair of white just to add some variety.
  6. they look nice but wearing them i won't dare. maybe if you love the 50'S and wear that clothes style it can fit but i would say too extravagent for me
  7. I love them! Big white sunglasses in general seem to be "in" in my area. I say go for it!
  8. If you can pull off the white frames, why not?
  9. Big whites are on their way out here around this area... But it's classic, so they'll probably get back in fashion after a while.
  10. Its cute but I think it will look better if its a black frame.
  11. Love them!!!!!
  12. Love the glasses. Hate the camellias. Sorry.:flowers:
  13. I really like white frames. These are adorable, go for it.
  14. GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!
    You should absolutely get the ones that fit you best:yes:
    I tried these on again and this time I fell for them, I'll get some soon in black I think:yes:

    Don't listen to DH about the camelias. . . men have no clue! LOL!
  15. they are adorable! I'm not a huge fan of the white framed sunglasses look this spring - however - these are really freakin cute! :yes: