Ladies, really need advice on what jewelry with this dress


Schumi Obsessed
Sep 2, 2007
Hi there! I'm normally living in the CL forum, but I need some help from you experts! I'm going to a black tie charity event on Sat and got this dress, and now I need sparkle. And I'm not sure what type! I have a week! I'm thinking chandelier earrings and a sparkly cuff. Or do I go gold?

I need all suggestions!! HELP!! thanks so much!

Also, I'm wearing my VPs. (I think they'll be better than camel Rolandos or black Lillians with this dress.)

I found these on NAP, but think they might be tooo funky, no?
May 12, 2008
ok first of all, YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!!! omg woman!

how are you wearing your hair? if you're wearing your hair pulled away from the face, i would do a simple long earring like this: cuz i feel like you dont want anything thats TOO bling because your dress strap is very delicate and detailed, and you kind of want the earrings to match that, not overpower it.

then i'd do the same thing for the bracelets, but amp it up a little bit. instead of a big cuff, which i think might draw too much attention from the delicate neckline, i would do a bunch (like 4-6) swarovski crystal bracelets that match the earrings. it would be enough sparkle to catch the light, but nothing to overpower the bright red of the dress. here is a picture KIND OF what i'm talking about (except take out those yellow beads and have more bracelets)


Aug 10, 2008

The dress is stunning but the shoes are to thick and black.Try silver high heel sandels and pretty silver chandler earrings.

That should be enough to complete the look because the colour of your dress is great!
Nov 19, 2007
You look really good in that red dress, did you decide on how you will do your hair ?
I would go for gold earrings and a nice ring, no bracelet or cuff in my opinion because the dress has details