Ladies, post your Tracy pics!

  1. I've noticed that there's a severe deficiency of Tracy pictures on the forums. Post pics of your Tracys, all styles!

    Thanks to Eucalyptic's posts, I've been wanting a Tracy (I'm currently Chloe-less!), particularly the 2-toned tote in the attached picture from Net-a-porter. I know a few of you have this particular bag, how do you like it? I know it's a bit on the larger side, is it too big for everyday use? It looks to me like it's a handheld bag or a crook-of-your-arm bag, is it comfortable to wear regularly?

    Thanks girls!
  2. Here's mine:smile: . The leather is soft and smells wonderful.
    000_1486 (2).jpg
  3. That looks magnificent on you pquiles! I love it.
  4. I have this bag and I love it! BUT the zipper pulls are somewhat loose and one even fell off. Luckily I noticed and keep it in the bag now because I'm afraid to squeeze the zipper pull shut with pliers but I also don't want to lose it again.
    chloe2.jpg chloe3.jpg
  5. What a magnificent bag! Take care to fix those zipper pulls...
  6. I thought that was just my bag that does that. I feel a little better knowing that happens with all tracys.I tried closing the openning with plyers but it didn't work...I love the colors of your bag !!!!!!!
  7. ;) We all have the same bag!! What a coinky dink. Can't the bag be sent in to Chloe to have the zippers fixed??
  8. photo size is too big. sorry.

  9. Mine is in mastic but I lust after yours I think this color combination is the best! :heart:
  10. I recently learned from helpful TPFers that this Chloé bag I bought was a Tracy! :heart:
    chloe2.jpg chloe3.jpg chloe6.jpg