Ladies, post pics of your favourite 'going out' bbag(s)!!

  1. It's Saturday night and while I'm reluctantly reaching for a Marc Jacobs wristlet to wear out to the club I'm going to, I wonder what you bbag gals do in a similar situation (going to a club, a show, anywhere where you need to move, etc.) - what bag are you most often reaching for?

    Post pics if possible!! Thanks in advance! :smile::smile:

    Not sure what practical options are out there, but perhaps your comments will help!
  2. I'd wear this:love:

    I'd also wear an Eggplant Make Up if I had one:shame:- Shasta has a fabulous VG Make Up she wears out I think:love:
  3. Hi evil...... :heart: - I myself would wear an outfit all-in-black with an eyecatcher-bbag in a 'flaming red' or another bright color (IMO) !

    122-2215.pf_IMG.jpg 106-0638.pf_IMG.jpg
  4. Firstclas U are realy evil, i love to see U in black and red leather.:drool:
    U realy look hot and I would like to take U for a night out.:graucho:

    Hugs FX:heart:

  5. Ha ha ha ..... what a 'hot' compliment:yahoo: ! Thank you so much FX ;) :tender:
  6. You're looking fabulous as always, Firstclass!:love:

    And you know what I just remembered: I read in an interview with Michael Kors that he said "If you want to be classy and chick wear black and red":smile:

    That just shows how excellent your taste and style is:yahoo:
  7. wow ladys...gorgeous pics..
    would be so much fun going out with u gals and all ur lovely BBags:yahoo:
    so heres my lil sunshine ..I love to wear her for going out..she is so tiny that Im not able to take loads of stuff which is good..cause I tend to take my whole appartement with me:graucho:

  8. Awwwwwwww Marie.... :shame: I'm touched ! Thank you so much for the nice compliment :tender: - I did'nt knew Michael Kors message yet, thank you for letting me know! So I'm on the right way, isn't it ;)
  9. great thread!! every one look good with their bag :heart:
  10. firstclass does it again! that black and red really looks amazing... thanks for the tip, i'll have to try that sometime with my rouge vif bag.

    oulaliscious, that little bag is cute! i don't think i've seen it before, what is it? i completely agree, i need a small bag otherwise i end up taking the entire apartment...:wtf: LOL. i think even a purse would be too big, as beautiful as it is!

    marie, i always like seeing pics of your first - looks so lovely and loved... i wish i had an eggplant makeup too, sigh. or even an eggplant OVAL. YUM!
  11. Thanks, Evilarchitect!:flowers: :heart:I actually just found a pic wearing it, too:yes:It's a really good, comfy size- do you have one?
  12. ^i don't have one, no :sad: but then, i'm always afraid it might not look right on me - too small and high for regular use. my chest size is a little on the large side so i find it looks weird having a small bag up that high, haa. the first doesn't come with a longer shoulder strap, does it? of course, one solution is to just carry it on the arm, i suppose :smile:

    thanks for the pics!!
  13. ^^ The First does come with a shoulder strap! I'm sure it would look really cute on you!
  14. well, thank you kindly for the suggestion, marie! great, just when i thought i was on my way to being done!! heh, heh... :yes: hope i meet a first soon that i can check out IRL.
  15. [​IMG]

    MY VG clutch!