Ladies,post modeling pics of your miroirs!!!

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  1. Where are those modeling pics...we fellow pfers who have no access to trying one on are dying to see pics....Pleeeeze!!!
  2. I second this. Although I love seeing pictures of the new bags, I WANT/ NEED to see modeling pics......:yes: Thanks. :P
  3. I was just bout to start the same
  4. Bring out the modeling!
  5. anybody?
  6. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
  7. come on girls...dont be shy
  8. Pretty please for those of us that don't have any miroirs......:sad: We'd really love to see...
  9. Please - I want to see also! :yes:
  10. Comon ladies! Show us your Miroirs in the mirror please! :yes:
  11. I want to see miroir Pochette modeling:tender:
  12. Yes...we want to see pics!
  13. Yes, I've been dying to see too..! :yes:
  14. agreed :P
  15. pictures! pictures! pictures!