Ladies plz help!!!GST, NAVY vs BLACK?!

  1. Recently I'm in love w/ caviar leather, since I already have 2 flaps and more to get in coming s/s 2008, I think I need a tote now, so GST w/ SH is my choice.:yes: But I can't decide between navy or black? I need a black which can go w/ everything, but navy seems to be a more interesting color. I haven't seen the navy one IRL yet, so for the tPFers who have seen or own them, do you think the navy is dark enough that I can use as a black w/ black outfit? If you have any pics of you w/ your navy GST, please post. Thank you all very much!:smile:
  2. Go with black. It will be much more versatile and totes in general should be versatile. Why else would one get a tote? When I bought my GST I went with beige so that it would be easy for me to carry all year round too. But black is a great choice.
  3. I saw the navy caviar and it almost looks black except that you can see the thread is blue. I think it's too dark of a navy to really make it exceptional and to get. Choose the black! It's better in the long run.
  4. Thank you Luccibags and StarBrite310, I agreen with you guys, I think I'm going to get a black! Thank you!
  5. If both are with silver h/w, I'd go with the Navy -- I'm actually debating whether to get a GST....and if I do, silver or gold h/w (if it's gold, I'll go with black; if I choose silver h/w, I'll definitely pick Navy). While the dark navy color is similar to black, it really is a chameleon color that is interesting yet classic. Very much like the Ink color for Balenciaga lovers (looks black in certain lighting conditions, and blue in others). I love that navy blue shade and wish the classic flaps (especially jumbos) were more readily available in that color.
  6. I think black is a good decision!! It will just go with more outfits.
  7. Hi!Thank you very much for your advice! You are absolutely right about the navy color, I have the ink b-box, and I'm sure the navy must be as intersting as the ink. But for now, I think I should go for a black, because in fall,esp winter, I wear a lot of black, I need a bigger "cool" looking bag. The reason I chose SH is I have a black patent 2.55 w/ GH, and I passed the metallic black w/ SH, so now I'm trying to get a SH one, if I didn't get the GH 2.55, I'd definitely go for a SH one. I'm still thinking, I think I should go and see the colors IRL. Thanks a lot!;)
  8. Yeah, black is always an easy color. Anyway I will go and see! Need to make a decision really quick. who knows when the prices are going up again, that's crazy right?:nogood:
  9. I'd say go for the black too!
  10. Thank you bb10lue! Love yours a lot!!!:yes:
  11. Hehe~thank you!!

    Keep us posted, can't wait for your modeling pics:heart::p!!!
  12. id go for navy
  13. Thank you so much for your ladies' help! I went to see the navy today, it's really dark, almost a black for real! I like the color, but the bag just looks too small on me as a tote. So I'm not gonna get it anymore...:nogood: