Ladies, please help...

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  1. talk me out of the Sully MM. I've been lusting over this one for six months now.

    I have a NF MM, Speedy B 30 DE and a Hudson. Someone is selling one locally for a great price. Or, I could just by it brand spanking new before the price increase. But, I'm wondering if the Monogram print is a little too flashy. I read through the clubhouse and the only negative I have read about the Sully is that the handles can start to wrinkle. No big deal. I kind of expect it to because of the shape and thickness of the handle.

    Should I save up for my dream purse (Artsy Empreinte) or break down and grab the Sully?
  2. I think you should grab the sully if it's at a great price! You can always save up for an artsy empreinte later...
  3. Save for your dream bag. In my experience you should always go with your heart. You won't be completely happy with a second choice and will still be wanting the Artsy.
  4. Keep your eye on the prize and keep saving for the Emp Artsy. You already have enough day-to-day bags. Sully will be more of the sameThe Emp bags are in a league of their own. Resist and save!
  5. If you are lusting over a bag for that long, then you should get it. Get the one that is being sold locally. If you get a good price then rest of the $$ you save goes toward Artsy. Also, get the bag authenticated here. May I ask how much is the sully selling for ?
  6. I agree with this!! I right now have to many canvas bags and am looking to expand my collection and go with something more special like an Alma bb in Epi. Sometimes the wait is worth it :biggrin:
  7. Asking for $1000. But, I am trying to negotiate for $850.
  8. Grab it. Its a sweet deal.
  9. If the Sully was on your wish list of course...grab it! If it's just because of the price being a great deal, save the $ for the prize!
  10. i own the sully mm and its great, Go for it
  11. I would continue to save. Once you have the artsy, I bet you won't get enough use out of the sully to justify having it. :smile:
  12. +1 This is another mono bag that would likely serve the same purpose as your Speedy or NF. If you don't have any Empreinte items, I would definitely keep saving for Artsy. I had a Sully for about a year and sold for this very reason.... felt that too many of my bags looked similar and served the same purpose in my hand bag wardrobe. BTW.... my Sully did not have wrinkling on the strap but I have seen this to be an issue on many. GL!
  13. If you've been thinking of the Sully for 6 months you should get the Sully. If you are wanting new then get before the price increase and enjoy it. There is one on the bay right now that is new/never used and a little less than retail, and seems like from a reputable seller, so that would be even better regarding the price!!
  14. That's a great deal, you should get both
  15. thats a great price. if it won't set you back too far from the artsy, i say go for it. more is always better when it comes to LV...:graucho: lol of course, only if you find great use for the Sully.