ladies please help!

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  1. They are both gorgeous! I tend to favor Whiskey, but you need to follow your heart! Which one do YOU love more??? Which one can you get the most wear out of? You can't go wrong either way!!!
  2. Somebody else had this dilemma just the other day :biggrin:

    I would say the same as I told our other member. If you are looking for a classic colour, but one that is very popular, go Whiskey. If you like to stand out from the crowd and be a trend setter, go red.

    Whichever you decide you will adore, so its a lovely decision to have to make :smile:
  3. thank you jag & chloe-babe:biggrin:
    i bought the red one since i had the Paddington in Muscat which is similar to whiskey:cutesy: ...hehehe

    omg,bought so many things recently,is really tempting coz everywhere is having big sales...someone please stop me