Ladies, please help !!!

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  1. I have a massive problem.. I bought a Prada bag from an online company in the US and unfortunately it turned out to be fake.
    I returned the bag immediately, it's been 3 weeks now but the seller claims that they haven't received the bag back and refuse to refund my $600 to me :sad:
    the seller is a complete fraud, advertising its bags as 100% genuine and they are indeed disgusting fakes.
    I paid for it with Paypal and complained to them immediately but they say that there's nothing they can do, they only investigate if I have paid and haven't received the item at all. They are unable to protect me if my complaint is about the item itself.
    So now, I'm out of pocket $600 which is a big money for me. I know the seller is lying about not receiving the bag back, just as they are lying about their products on their website.
    I am so angry and don't know what to do...
    Dear ladies, perhaps you can give me some advice where I can go complaining and is there any chance to get my money back somehow?
    Thank you so much for your time.
    :cursing: Anchik:cursing:
  2. how did you send it?

    did you send it via a trackable method with insurance?

    if so you can claim via the post office.

    paypal are only really of use if you are the buyer I am afraid. You should have filed a claim with paypal to say that it was fake and you would have been able to get a refund then.

    i hope you get this sorted out!!!
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    Even though it isn't Ebay, you might try posting this in the Ebay forum for some suggestions and ideas. From what I understand Paypal won't help if it is purchased outside of Ebay. They only help (when outside of Ebay) is if you didn't receive your purchase, not on the authenticity of your purchase. When you used Ebay, did you pay with totally Paypal funds or did you use a credit card? If you used a cc, you could talk to your cc company. But they will need proof you returned it to the seller. Always get tracking and signature confirmation so you can have proof.

    Good luck!
  4. I bought it outside Ebay ( I used the funds I had on my Paypal account. I sent it back via standard air mail, so unfortunately I don't have a tracking number. I was just so angry that the bag was fake and I didn't want to spend any more money on that crap and therefore chose the cheapest return option.
    I'll try Ebay forum. Paypal is however useless, they are advertising their services based on buyers protection and it's all nonsense.

    Thank you for your kind replies, guys;)
  5. That's terrible...a lot of money for a FAKE! Keep us posted.
  6. That is rotten! I hope you get your $$$ back. Yes, that was a good idea to post in the ebay forum. Someone should be able to help you out. Good luck!