Ladies please help which do i choose??

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Which would u choose?

  1. Chanel Limited Ed Union Jack

  2. Alexander McQueen Elvie Patent Leather

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ok so i'm saving myself for a limited ed chanel (see pic below) but i saw this bag by Alexander McQueen in the sale £505 from £1010. (pic attached) i love this but i cant keep this & buy a chanel. Pic 1 from a pervious thread. Pic 2 (google images.
    pp.jpg elvie patent Alex Mcq.jpg
  2. I like the Elvie, but I lOVE the Chanel.
    I think if you compromise and get the AM you will still hanker after the Chanel so it could be a more expensive purchase than you think ;)
  3. I'm not so much of a fan of this Chanel bag. I prefer the Alexander Mcqueen.
  4. I would have liked the Chanel bag better if it were leather, but I love the lock! The McQueen bag is nice, but I would choose the Chanel.
  5. Normally I would say the Chanel, but I'm not a fan of that bag at all. Between the two, I would choose the McQueen, which is a fabulous bag!
  6. Im not into this chanel bag cuz is not leather, though i like the chain but i wouldnt leave the alexander for this one maybe other chanel yea. IHO.
  7. I vote for the chanel, too. Since it's limited edition, then it is harder to find? If so, then get this now and save for the AM bag for after. Good luck!
  8. The McQueen is very tempting since that's a good sale price. But the Chanel is limited edition and would also be a good buy. Tough decision. But you have said that you love the McQueen so perhaps that's the one for you.
  9. Go with the Chanel! Love it!
  10. i'd go with the chanel since its LE.
  11. Chanel - it is very nice and a LE.:tup:
  12. Chanel, I actually quite like this one to be quite honest :blush:
  13. Chanel bag is a better choice!!~
  14. The Chanel. I am not a big patent leather fan and though the Chanel is a le, it has a classic style with a kick.
  15. Another vote for chanel!!