Ladies...PLEASE HELP!!! What do you wear with grey flannel platform heels??

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  1. Ladies I have a huge dilema and I am hoping you can help. Any advice would be appreciated...Even pics of you wearing grey shoes would be helpful....:supacool:

    I purchased these Grey Flannel Stuart Weitzman Platforms because the deal was too good to pass up. Problem is How do you wear grey flannel heels???

    I wear a lot of jeans and some skirts, ocasionally dresses...Please help me go in the right direction...These are gorgeous and I MUST wear them but want to do them justice!!!:yes:


  2. I would treat them just like a pair of black heels - they kind of are a neutral tone that will go well with many outfits and colors! I think they'd look hot with a black skirt though - have fun!
  3. ^^Agreed!
  4. I second that I have grey suede manolos.l I wear with jeans, black and also grey pants.
  5. Jeans and dress pants that are black or gray as well. Love them!
  6. Oooooooooo! So many options with these:

    -Black wide leg trousers with a fitted top/blouse (black/white/grey/red/ a deep hued blue)
    -A mini dress - pretty much any solid or print that would go with a neutral
    -Skinny jeans & either a fitted top of one with volume
    -Shorts with opaque leggings and fitted or volume top

    Love these!
  7. Ohhh, very cute! :tup: :heart: You know you've been shopping at too much when you can pick out a sweatdress you don't even own that you'd pair with these shoes hehe! :nuts: Here is the dress:

    Anyway, that's a specific example (and to break up the black/grey monotony, I might do plum or burgandy tights, or something like that). ;)

    I think your shoes would look really cute with a pair of dark wide leg jeans, or wide leg pants with a blouse, any sweaterdress (plum, burgandy, black, red, charcoal grey, cream, etc.) paired with black/any dark colored pair of tights (even better if they're textured in some way, like ribbed, to echo the heavier material of the shoes). :heart: Hmm, and something like this coat (with skinny black or dark inky jeans would be so cute with your shoes too! :smile:

    Here's the coat:

    Since the shoes are neutral, you can rock them with almost anything! :smile:
  8. I agree with the sweater dress suggestion. Also, they would look fierce with a high waisted pencil skirt and a silk tucked in top with a flouncy tie at the neck. I like to throw a little bit of "spice" into the lady like look with a pair of small knit fish net stockings.
  9. You guys are most helpful!!!
    I am trying them with a black sweater dress I have been dying to wear!!!
    Thank you all so much for the ideas. You guys really helped with all your advice. I love the dress and maybe like a burgundy tight idea. Maybe a black pencil skirt as well. Exciting!!!!