Ladies, please help pick my last LV

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My last LV would be ....

  1. Damier Azur Stresa PM

  2. Damier Ebene Trevi PM

  3. Brea PM Amarante

  4. Alma PM Amarante

  5. Black MC Courtney

  6. Suhali L'essentiel in Tanami (Red)

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  1. ..... not forever, but at least for a while.... Thank you!
  2. Get something BRAND NEW or LE. A vernis alma or an Artsy would be my pick :smile:
  3. You've got great choices but I'd have to say Trevi PM. Maybe not the most exciting but it's so classy.
  4. I'd get the Alma, but in Pomme. The color is so gorgeous.:P
  5. Thanks for your suggestions. Keep coming.... :flowers:
  6. I love the Pomme color but I already have a small envelope coin purse in Pomme.
  7. Alma PM Amarante gets my vote:tup:
  8. amarante alma then next vote is the amarante brea
  9. Alma PM!
  10. Trevi PM!
  11. If this will be your last purchase for a while, I say go out with a bang!!! I would get a Trevi PM. It is understated, yet classy. This will be a bag that I am sure, will become a LV classic.
  12. I like the MC Courtney
  13. Trevi PM and Alma are leading the poll....
  14. Of your choices, I voted for Trevi PM.

    What else is in your collection? Definitely a catchy title.

    GL deciding and post your pics!
  15. I picked the Trevi because it's so gorgeous, and it'll be the perfect bag to hold you over for awhile.