1. Hello!
    I came across the site while searching for remedies to cure acne cysts. I'm 21, never really had any issue with my skin up until recently. I had a big red bump on my cheek for about a month and I just figured it was a rare beast of a zit. Well, as soon as that one went away another one sprung up! I did some searching and have come to the conclusion that these have all the symptoms of a cyst. I have a MAJOR trip coming up next month and I don't want to go with this huge red bump on my face. Any advice? I don't have the money to go and see a derm. I was reading about that aspirin and QHMJM mask which sounds wonderful but that is only weekly? Any suggested products for daily application? Thank you so much, I'm freaking out!:wtf:

  2. Use the QH and aspirin combined as a topical treatment everyday. Don't use it all over your face, just over the cysts.
  3. thanks!

    Any recommended face washes for daily use? I am going to start taking all the vitamins and try the tea tree oil. Did it help cure you blemishes?
  4. The masks made me blemish free. I definitely recommend using them on your cysts. I currently use all Shiseido products for washing my face. I recommend the deep cleansing foam from the pureness line.
  5. Try adding a squirt of lemon juice to you water everyday. I read this in some magazine about 2 years ago and have not had a big cyst-like zit since I started this! I have noticed that when I run out of lemon and don't have it for a few days, my skin does really start to break out more.
  6. I'm definitely trying this!!! Even if it doesn't help my breakouts, I love the taste of water with lemon!
  7. I agree with the aspirin mask / scrub. As for a cleanser glycolic cleanser has done wonders for me. There are 2 I like, Serious Skin Care Glycolic cleanser, sold on HSN, and Anthony Logics Glycolic cleanser (this brand is targeted towards men, but the cleanser works great, so who cares ...) this can be found on but I've seen it on sephora too.

    If you look up glycolic at it will give you some idea what drugstore cleansers have glycolic. Aqua Glycolic Facial Cleanser has good reviews.

    I have oily, acne prone skin that I've been struggling with all my life and the glycolic is the only cleanser that worked for me. My face is basically blemish free, with the help of the aspirin mask.
  8. Go to a derm and have it lanced. It shouldn't cost too much money and I guarantee you they can have it dried up within a day...
  9. Yes there are derms that don't charge much, especially when your condition is a common and minor skin problem.
  10. that's really funny bc I literally just started this a few days ago but not for that reason, too lose access water weight. You combine it with sugar free cranberry juice.
  11. ^ :yes:
    And I think it's definitely a better solution than buying tons products that won't work anyway :shrugs: