Ladies Please Help Me Identify Miley Cyrus Red Pumps

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  1. I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyying to have them

    any one have any idea about their designer?store? price?

    any info is appreciated

    Thanks in advance :smile:


  2. I think those are Stella McCartney shoes!
  3. The dress is Stella McCartney - the shoes are ABS :flowers:
  4. She borrowed them from her mom!:flowers:
  5. thanks ladies

    is there an exact name for those pair?
  6. I think the name is arson peep toe pumps.
  7. thaaaanks alot ladies :sad:

    i've only managed to find the black ones .. RED are impossible to find
  8. They're pink pumps. That's probably why you can't find them in red :smile:
  9. ^^ lol. love the color
  10. Here is a better pic to see the shoes are pink. So cute!

  11. they do look to big. i love the shoes just not on her
  12. Love the color!
  13. oo love the shoes and dress, just dont like her :lol:
  14. Those are so cute. I just saw them on the website...not a bad price either.:wlae: