Ladies please help me identify a similar shade of nail polish

  1. I bought this gorgeous shade of nail polish from Bath+Body Works one day because it looked yummy in the bottle and it was a small bottle so in case the boldness didn't work out for me, I know that I didnt waste a whole bottle. Unfortunately for me, I just about finished the bottle and now Bath+Body Works doesn't sell the color anymore :sad:

    I'm not too bummed out about the fact that b+bw sold out because with the small bottle came a small brush and the brush was really hard to use :tdown: I'm just bummed because I love this color and it really worked on me!

    Here's where you ladies come in - if any of you can suggest a similar color (any brand is fine), I would really appreciate it!! :love: And I'll hit the malls this weekend and play around with diff.reds but I really would love to hear suggestions :tup:

    The color changes from a red to a deep red depending on how many coats I put it (in the picture I have on two coats).


    Thank you soo much ladies!!! :nuts: I'm really excited and hope that I can find a similar color soon!
  2. Chanel Lotus Rouge! it is TDF and very similar to that shade.
  3. ^ thank you SOO much candace!!!! i knew i could count on the lovely tPF ladies for an answer! I'm going to look for that this weekend!
  4. OPI's Red Red Rhine and Quarter of a Cent Cherry are very similar IMO.
  5. OPI Vodka & Caviar
  6. thank you ClaireZk and cherthompson!! I've been meaning to try OPI for awhile so these will be my perfect first test bottles!
  7. Omg I can't believe you haven't tried it yet! You'll love it!! It's an addiction though-- I started out buying one on sale a couple years ago and have almost as many colors now as my salon :shame:

    You have really nice nails btw! :yes:
  8. If you are friends with a cosmetologist that has a membership to a beauty supply, she can get you OPI for 3.50 a bottle...:sneaky::whistle:

    Red Red Rhine is more of a blue based red, My Kind of Brown is a neutral based red (which is very similar to how that red polish looks on your fingers).

    I still vote for Lotus Rouge! :angel:
  9. you can get opi & other salon brands online for much cheaper w/o a beauty license at &

    OPI got the blues for red & OPI vodka & caviar both look quite similar.
  10. Another vote for OPI, but I'm going with St Petersburgundy. Two coats look about right for the pic.. one more and you've got a beautiful, deep red.
  11. Ahaha, the last thing I need, another addiction :nuts: I'm very excited to try OPI though, I've read sooo much about it! and thank you Claire!

    Oh Candace, thanks for the insider tip!! My auntie is a cosmetologist (i think? she has a nail salon so she has some kinda license, oops, probably not a cosmetologist license but i hope she can get it for that price!) and thank you for the other suggestions!! I'm going to make a list of all the suggestions in this thread and ask my auntie :tup:

    hey gymangel!! :flowers: thanks for the site, i clicked it and fell in love with a million and one colors. haha! and thanks for the suggestions as well!

    St.petersburgundy! got it. thanks soo much :tup:
  12. Ooh I love OPI and Chanel nail polishes. OPI is definitely better quality but I can't resist anything Chanel..KWIM? :girlsigh:
  13. Hummm...I quoted 3.50 from West Coast Beauty, and both those sites had opi for over 4 dollars, almost 5. Doesn't seem cheaper to me! I'll stick to my buddies inside hookup :angel:
  14. Oh if she has a nail salon she definitely has a license! Talk to her!!!!
  15. ^ You think OPI is better quality than Chanel? That's interesting. I've never tried Chanel polish before, but I keep hearing mixed reviews. I like MAC polish as much as OPI, but I think Givenchy is definitely inferior...