Ladies, please help me find a zip clutch on sale , any color around $200.00

  1. i have an olive one and desperately want another but cannot spend over 250.00 (!)
    I love, love it . I saw some on eBay but most of them are quilteed which i dont want and i am really wary of fakes

    any help is really appreciated.
  2. I think your best bet is eBay. Depending on the color you want you should be able to get a nice used one for around that. Good luck!
  3. Be sure to put on the MJ Authenticate it thread too.

    I've not seen any retail markdowns for new below 30% for MJ ZCs (for us regular folks anyway! - LOL!) - at $395, that would make a 30% sale price of
    $276.50, +/- tax, etc.
  4. Agree.. the cheapest I've ever seen any ZCs is about $225 not including tax, but you have to act fast during sale season because those are the first to go.

    You can probably find a new one for about $200 on eBay, but definitely get it authenticated first.
  5. I got mine from Net-a-Porter last year during their after Thanksgiving sale at 40% off - $237. So hang in there, you might catch one on sale over the next few weeks. Good luck getting one! I love mine!! :tup:
  6. Thanks so much for all your advice!
  7. it's hard to find discounts sometimes. i really want to get the lilac zc from Saks.. but there aren't any promotions right now so i'm waiting.