Ladies, please help me decide what to do!?

  1. Ok, I just purchased a Mogano First recently and I am loving it to bits!! I have been using it almost everyday since I got it. This is a first for me since I have always been a City girl from the beginning, well ,now I have 2 Firsts, the other is a 07 Marine that I am thinking of letting go since I don't use her as much...and since I am eyeing another handbag of a different brand, the funds for this sale (if I ever do sell it) will be great help!

    What should I do?:confused1:
  2. well, personally a marine first is on my "maybe some day" wishlist- I still can't get hgbags marine first out of my mind- it was really stunning, leather was perfection, like 05 leather!! So if it were me, I'd prolly keep her.

    Still, if you're not that crazy about her, let her go so you can get a bag that you truly adore!
  3. hmmm... keep it if you can do without the funds. but sell it rather than have it sit at the back of your closet.
  4. At their price, Bbags should never be used sparingly. If you're not feeling it for the Marine, it might be time to let her go.
  5. i agree with jira. if you're not using it, i'd sell it. bbags are too expensive to just have sitting around ;)
  6. I agree too - sell it if you're not using it - these bags are too great to sit in the closet.
  7. Since you are loving a First now, you might end up wanting to use it more over your Cities. I say keep it a while. You might just want to phase some Cities instead months down the road. Marine IMO is worth keeping!
  8. I think I would sell it too, it just sucks to have bags that never get used. And you might just love the new one so much more...
  9. i love marine but i see you have Blueberry day in your wishlist and since the colors are similar .. personally i wouldn't buy both .. and also you're not using your marine .. i suggest you sell .. goodluck
  10. Give urself a day or 2 to really think about it. If u still dont love it more sell it.
  11. i think they're different enough in color to justify keeping both!! :smile: but if you need the funds, definitely sell it.