Ladies! Please help me decide!!! Should I get this one?

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  1. SA Only helps me to hold the Caramel one until 2pm tmr.... This would be my second celine. I got a nano one in Almond.
    Please help me to decide if I should buy it or not! (I wear suit everyday as I work in hotel)
    Or should i get the mixed color one/Brown one?

    thanks girls!!!
    image-1932418240.jpg image-2295518464.jpg
  2. Caramel is such a yummy colour. Goes with pretty much anything. Go for it! ;)
  3. Is caramel a new color? Never heard of this before. I suggest the tri color for you : )
  4. I would go for the Tri colour
  5. If you have the nano in almond, then maybe you should go for something different with the mini size. So tri colour?. I am always inclined to buy black if its a bag i'll take to work everyday.
  6. If you wear a suit every day, I would go for more of a pop in color. The tricolor is absolutely beautiful, and it's still a classy combination.
  7. The Caramel looks so buttery! I prefer the Caramel over the tri-color but since you have the Almond, I would choose the tri-color.
  8. Thanks Ladies! I will take the camel one then. since my nano is an almond tri color.

    There was also a phantom royal blue. I loveee it but doesnt it look too fasionable for work? And I am short5ft2 :sad:

  9. Great choice! I love the camel. Congrats! :smile:
  10. If I'm in your place I would GO for tri-color without thinking! LOL
  11. Good Luck!