Ladies, please console me . . . my paprika came, but it's rouille!

  1. :crybaby:I'm so sad. I just ate a pint of Haagen Dazs strawberry shortcake ice cream. My paprika city arrived today, but it's rouille! :cursing:

    I ordered a paprika city last Wed. from Daphne at Bal NY. I had heard such good things about her from this forum. I specifically asked her for paprika 07, not the rouille bag from last year, and she said, "This is the first year that paprika was made. In no other year was there a color called paprika." My silver tag has a Y on it, indicating 06. I called her at 1:30 p.m. to complain. She was with a customer. I left a voicemail message for her, and she has not returned my call (it's almost 7 p.m. here, which is East coast time, same as Bal NY).

    I do like the bag, but am angry that it was misrepresented as a new 07 paprika bag, when it's not. What if I like the paprika color a lot better (but it's too late to return the rouille)? I don't know . . . should I keep or send back? My husband says keep it. We both love the color.

    :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: So sad, what to do????
  2. Oh, sorry, forgot all the pics.
    rouille1.jpg rouille2.jpg rouille3.jpg rouille5.jpg rouille6.jpg
  3. I kind of feel no one could love this poor little rouille bag in the manner she needs to be loved like I could. :heart:
  4. On one hand I think you SHOULD return it - if only because it's not what you ordered and how dare they try and pass something off on a customer!!

    BUT if you love her then keep her. All that counts is how happy YOU are with the bag.

    Pretty color (although I love it less than your "trinity" - which I think are the 3 best b-bag colors of all time!!!)
  5. It's a gorgeous bag! But I would be very angry if I were lied to. How could she possibly have mistaken an 07 for an 06, it's not really possible, especially since this is a BALNY SA and not a department store SA. So I would return it and get a full refund and wait for the paprika and then decide which one I like better. Sorry you put in this position.
  6. I am so sorry Liz but it looks great on you. :tup:Are you sure it is the Rouille?:confused1: Paprika is suppose to be similar to Rouille.:smile:
  7. Yes, Nanaz, I'm positive. The paper tag says 1 2006, and the silver tag has a Y (not a U, indicating the F/W 07 season). They probably thought most customers wouldn't know the difference.
  8. Oh wow, it's GORGEOUS! Buuuuuut, if it's not what you ordered (and if you don't 120% love the Rouille), send it back, girl! I would be so bummed, too. What a let-down! You really should complain -- that is very poor customer service...and for a $1,195 dollar bag?!? I'd be fuming.
  9. Oh hell no! I bet you're right, they fig. the color is so similiar, you need to tell them you want the 07, although I am liking that bag a lot, its the principle that they think they can trick people, maybe if they are caught they will stop.
  10. I think this was probably an honest mistake. I guess it pretty much ends the speculation in my mind as to whether or not the Paprika '07 is all that different from Rouille '06!!! :p

    I really wouldn't jump to conclusions that this was done on purpose - wait 'til you talk to the SA. I've often regretted posting about assumptions before talking to the party in question. Now, if you had already presented your evidence to the SA and the SA had told you to take a hike, I'd be singing a different tune...
  11. she has never been one of my fave SA's. It's one thing for a Neimans SA to not know their Bbag colors, but an actual Balenciaga employee?. What a disappointment. Did you request pix before you bought it? Sure looks like Rouille to me.
  12. Ok, this thread is now on the fast track to lockdown...:tdown:
  13. I understand that you are angry and disappointed, but it is at least possible that she didn't lie to you, and gave instructions to send you a paprika bag, and the wrong bag got sent anyway. I think you should discuss it with her, too, and see what she says, whether you decide you like the bag and keep it or not. It seems very out of character for Daphne to do something like that. She does know her product, and I can't see her having ANY expectation that you wouldn't discern the difference. Sorry this happened to you, because it feels awful when you are happily waiting for your new dream bag.

  14. :tup::tup::tup:
  15. No, I didn't ask for pics first. I don't want to down Daphne, because I do want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I will believe that she honestly made a mistake and did not intentionally send me the wrong thing. I will wait to speak with her. Thank you ladies for your advice and kind words. For now, I think I will keep the bag because I do love it. The leather isn't dry or thin, like a lot of 06 bags.