Ladies, out of luv with LV due to price hike?

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  1. I noticed that alot of ladies here are very upset about the price increase...and I am there with you... but....

    I have seen some ladies really upset and it surprised me alittle....just that...I always remember LVs prices going family always complains too but its been that way as long as I can remember....To me the other designers are more harsh in the price dept I was wondering.........

    Anyone out of luv with LV? Or did this affect you enough to look at other brands instead?
  2. It only a few percnt, so like what 30 dollars for every 1k u spend? not a big deal personally for me, gucci and LV are 95% of the acessories and bags I buy so even if price doubled, I'd just save longer. I love LV 2 much 2 quit due to a price increase of a few percent.
  3. i still love LV but i will think twice before buying a bag now, before i used to just buy when i see something that i like, whether or not i will use them.
  4. Since I just started purchasing LV bags and accessories, I have only been faced with three price hikes. These price increases are frustrating, and personally, I do not think three increases in one year is necessary. At this time, I am not sure how the increases will influence any future purchases.
  5. Yes! I luv LV way too much long as some are on my budget...Ill keep going!!:graucho:
  6. No the price hike doesn´t do anything to my LV love
  7. I´m upset but it doesn´t affect my love and I will still buy what I have to the same way. What would really affect me and make me consider not to buy anymore would be change of ethics of LV. (concerning where they produce, what they support, working labor, etc...).I´m a strong believer in that, and if luxury companies with their consequent prices can´t afford that, then who will ?
  8. i love LV but I can't help but feel taken advantage of when there are three hikes in one year, the last one being in June. Its unnecessary, IMO
  9. Mildly irratating, but meh, thus is life.

    And it's also why I usually try to get my items from France. :graucho:
  10. A little upsetting...but I still love it!
  11. Oh, I think most of us are prepared for price increases each year (be it for LV or any other consumer goods), just not 3 increases in a year. There's no price increases where I am..YET..but I can understand where the frustration's coming from. And not to mention the timing! What with Damier Azur out on 1st Nov, the Mirrior line, the cruise line, the holiday season...there couldn't be a worse time for people who already have budgetted their buys for the year! People will still be buying LV, but the feeling won't be the least at this point in time...
  12. Well, I'm not out of love with LV...I mean, price-wise, like you said LV isn't as harsh overall, but like sirenized said, I feel a little taken advantage of. Three in one year is a bit much.

    I'm not going to STOP buying LV, but I'm going to be looking much more @ Let-trade and good deals on ebay, rather than buying stuff new.
  13. I still love LV but my purchase have stopped at 2, which is a good thing to me cause if I can't afford to buy another at the moment - I won't. I refuse to leave a balance on my credit card at the end of the month knowing that I can't pay it off. I've always been into kate spade and Coach so I've always been looking at other brands.
  14. it's irritating and frustrating...from now on, I'm not buying from the local store anymore. I'm going to be going through elux via ****** to get my cash back, or either Ebay.

    I've been looking at Gucci and MJ so I might put LV on hold (after the Azur) and add new pieces to my collection from other designers.
  15. I have money for a new lv accessorie and was going to buy it in december but noy anymore...we will have to see. Im going to gucci !