Ladies on the Quest for Juicy

  1. So I stopped into my local Rugged Wearhouse today and there were Juicy sweats reg price 24.99 and some on clearance for as low as $12 :yahoo: Of Course all of the tags had been cut in half but WHO CARES!!!! I tried everything on and inspected for holes, rips, etc and found none. Soooooo if you have one of these in the area stop by!
  2. aww lucky you!!
  3. I recently stoped in T.J.Maxx by my house and got these dark blue terry snap pocket drawstring pants for 24.99$!! Original tags & everything :biggrin:
  4. gggrrr.... why am i in canada?!?! :hysteric:

    do u think there's one in seattle??? :graucho: i can drive there....
  5. Only in Alabama, Deleware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tenessee, ad Virginia
  6. i've never even heard of this place...

    think they'd do a charge send?
  7. Id be wiling to bet on no. What size are you?
  8. I would totally bet on no to the charge send

    I used to go to this place when I was in college, they have some great stuff, but it is very very low end no frills, way less than even a tjmaxx, etc. it's overstocks, random stuff, its fun to look, I used to get abercrombie jeans back when those were really popular for like $10 there. it's like going to a warehouse sale, where each store may have totally different stuff
  9. large.

    i'm guessing no too, if it's like sam's or costco or something. just figured i'd ask.
  10. No no it's wayyyyyy below Sams and such. Like court said think TJ Maxx but with like no rules. Ne who's I'm moving in 2 days but when I get to my new location I'll see what they have in that one I'm pretty sure there were no larges in the pants at least in the three I went to around here. I'll let u know!
  11. i go to school in virginia and me and my roomie always shop @ rugged warehouse. She got white true religion joey jeans for 40$! You just have to be careful because a lot of the items have holes, or are really irregular, etc. If i had to equate it to anything, I'd say T.J. Maxx - any sort of organization.
  12. it sucks to be in canada...:yucky:
  13. guess I'm SOL :s
  14. oo thanks for remindin me, ill be sure to check it out...
  15. Our TJ Maxx got the tops - I picked up a great off the shoulder dark blue terry sweatshirt for $20, just like you said, all original tags. Ours has a lot of Juicy too.