Ladies of Tano, is THIS the Tano CRUNCH?

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  1. So for my 3rd Tano I purchased the Biker Babe in Pink Lemonade. I love this bag. It is so functional for me and I love the pink! :yahoo: However, I'm really concerned about the way the leather looks. Especially compared to my Berry Blue WU and my shopper bag. It's a brand new bag but the leather has lines that are lighter, like it has been folded or is distressed? The lines appear and feel dry. Hmm...I can't describe it. My other 2 Tanos did not look like this at all and I returned a PL fabulousness for this bag and the leather surely did not look like this. I was expecting smooth panels. Open to your thoughts...
    IMG_0685 copy.jpg
  2. ^^more pictures...
    IMG_0692 copy.jpg
  3. IMG_0686 copy.jpg
  4. IMG_0706_2 copy.jpg
  5. looks pretty normal to me- the crunch often has variations in the texture as well as the color. Thats just the texture of the hide showing through. Tano doesnt tumble, press, mill or emboss their crunch leather, so all the natural characteristics of the hide remain visible.
  6. Looks normal to me! My Shopper came pretty "crunched" already.
  7. I agree - it's just variation in the leather. I think some bags may be more crunched than others - my raspberry seems crunchier than my black.
  8. I've had my crunch leather French Nanny in the pool color for.....well, let's see...close to one year....and the leather is breaking in "nicely" and I do mean that it is getting much softer and the color of the bag is mellowing out. Now, some gals might not like that feature, and I have to agree if I had a structured bag. But the crunch leather lends itself to be very slouchy and I just love that "broken in" look on a slouchy bag. If I had a Chanel Classic Flap, however, I'd be mighty pissed off if I saw the leather patena like a crunch leather. So, I was totally expecting the leather to end up being a little more broken in than some of the leathers on my other bags. And, I am not one of those gals who sprays protectant on my leather. I treat my bags very carefully, but I don't put any conditioner on them.
  9. It looks normal to me too. If you condition the leather the dryness will disappear. I love mink oil (in the container) for crunch leather. It will make a difference for sure. Great bag by the way!
  10. ^^kings, i have to laugh how you always have to add (in the container) after the "in the tub" incident!! i always giggle when i read that!
  11. ^^

    LOL I do it so that I don't get the in the tub comment afterwards :smile: I don't want newbies to think that I'm that overly obsessed that I take my bags into the bath tub with me.
  12. ^^what's wrong with taking them in the tub with you?? maybe we should start a new thread..."where do you take YOUR Tanos" HA!
  13. LMAO!!!! I just choked on my coffee!!! I can't get the image of a tub filled with Tanos out of my head.
  14. ^^

    But think of the water damage! We worry enough about our beloved bags in the rain LOL.

    Gosh, we are a crazy bunch aren't we?
  15. NAH, ya' think?