Ladies of London - Bravo - Season 3

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  1. I haven't come across a thread specifically for season 3 or a recent thread for the show in general, so I thought I'd make one! If there is one already in existence and I just missed it, please feel free to close this and direct me to it! I am very excited for this season, and I believe filming wrapped a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping for an early-mid fall season premiere. Based on the pictures I've seen of the ladies filming, I think everyone except Anabelle is back, who has been replaced by a woman named Adela King.

    Personally, I am most excited to have Caroline Stanbury back on my television! Although she can be rather mean-spirited at times, I love her bad ass attitude and her style. Between getting to "keep up" with Caroline and watch the scenes unfold in my favorite city in the world, I never miss a week! Looking forward to chatting about the show with everyone!
  2. The current Ladies of London thread is here (despite the dated title). There's some pretty juicy season 3 gossip on it already.
  3. Thank you so much! Mods, please feel free to close this thread. Don't want to cause any confusion!
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  5. I wonder if she relapsed after her accident, which was featured on the show. I'm so sad. I was hoping this show would return
  6. This is so horrible! I think she was having a really tough time of it after her terrible riding accident. I hope we get some statements from her fellow cast mates.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. So sad.
  8. Me too! Poor girl. RIP.
  9. I can’t believe none of them has said a word so far!
  10. it's being reported she died of a stroke
  11. How terrible. Caroline Fleming posted a lovely tribute to her on her Instagram. The others have not, but some comments on Caroline Stanbury’s account indicate that Annabelle’s family has specifically asked people not to make a big deal on social media.

    IMG_8892.jpg IMG_8893.jpg
  12. Now it seems they’ve all posted, literally within an hour of each other.
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  13. Was Caroline Stanbury a good friend of hers? Wasn’t the funeral today? She’s so shallow goes along w her regular insta stories I mean I would be crushed if indeed she had been a good friend.
  14. She's in Miami with her children and husband. I think they lost touch since the show, so I wouldn't expect her to cancel her family vacation and fly to London for the funeral.