1. [​IMG]
  2. how pretty!
    i like sara's dress =D
    i love mollie sue. she didn't deserve to goo! wahh. :P
  3. i agree mollie sue = :heart: :yes: and danielle didnt deserve to win. wat the hell is wrong with them :censor: arghhh. it was all about joanie man :graucho: and i want that dude's marc jacobs graffiti vans!!! :rant: damnit they didnt have my size for that. i shall not stare at that pic any longer..
  4. Is it just me or do they all look like promo models (you know, the kind who work car shows and duty free stands), not runway/print models?
  5. omg those dresses are horrific!!
  6. on second look, those dresses are worse than horrific!!! they look like something on project runway LOLLL!!!
  7. Just don't like the picture at all
  8. Awful!!!!
  9. thanks for posting! I always love to see what the girls on ANTM get up to
  10. So what?????? Who cares? LOL! I love them all! They are all beautiful!! I love sara and she is sooo gorgerous! Some of my friends said I look like a barbie or something!! :o)
  11. They all needed different reds to help their coloring, but Molli Sue has such a great bone structure and Sara looks cute!

    Nnenna looks preggers...
  12. i don't know who these people are, but the dress on the blond is AMAZING. i wonder who designed it?