Ladies Need your help! Ya or Nay

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  1. So I think this is such a beautiful bag for the Spring, Hubby says no because its $550. and not leather... ​

    What do you Ladies think? :smile: Would you spend the money on a non-leather Burberry? ​

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  2. I like that bag. I noticed the model's are modeling it on their website.

    Do they have different sizes? The one you are carrying looks big.
  3. cute!!!
  4. I have not seen any other sizes, I love that it's so big! It even has a little matching pouch inside. DANG IT, I WANT IT!!! Hubby might lose this battle. :biggrin:
  5. not a lady here but I thought to chime in as well :P

    you can tell him that the leather bags usually go for 2x sometimes 3x and even more of the cost of the non-leather ones...

    and is that the pink one you have there...hard to tell...anyway...not sure how popular that one is but it seems to be sold out online :confused1: looks great on ya! :woohoo:

  6. OOPS ladies & gents!!! And yep it's the pink one, Bloomingdales has it but Burberry is sold out.

    Yep I'm getting it!! I :heart: it...

  7. Nope...I wouldn't spend that $$$ on that bag, my opinion only. If YOU love it and can work around your hubby..good luck and go for it!
  8. Nay for me. I saw it IRL and I am not in love.
  9. it looks stunning on you. I didn't like it at the online shop but on your pic it looks beautiful. if you buy it please take some pics for us :smile:
  10. It is cute, but is is bulky. I was going to purchase it, but I tired it out at the store and I just wasn't wowed by it.
  11. I think it looks great on you! Go for it
  12. Ooooo... I love that for Spring! Perfect color!
  13. I saw it in the store and the perspex actually had a scratch on it! That would be my big concern ~ that the outer perspex woulf become scratched and cloudy. Otherwise I love it!
  14. Yay - I love that bag.
  15. they had it on beyond the rack today...but it sold out quick!