Ladies, need your help, which one?

  1. I have the jumbo classic black caviar flap with silver hardware.
    Yesterday, I got the medallion tote with gold hardware.
    Today, I am having doubts, should I have gotten the Grand Shopping tote with gold hardware instead?

    Which one- Keep the medallion tote or
    try to switch for the Grand Shopping tote?
  2. Personally, I prefer the medallion tote over the GST...but they're both beautiful bags so you can't go wrong!! :smile:
  3. I totally prefer teh GST.

    I carry a big wallet, not massive, but the long PNY wallet and I have a hard time getting it and my hand in/out of the Medallion.
    The Medallion is a little tight inside and on the shoulder for my preference.
    LOVE the way it looks, but it's just not as practical for me
  4. ^^^
    I agree with Amanda.

    I think the Medallion tote is significantly smaller than the GST... the GST can comfortably fit magazines, files, notebooks.

    The Medallion tote is lined in leather... are you going to be carrying a lot of keys, anything that might scratch up the interior? I personally prefer the GST primarily for this reason... it's very, very worry-free!
  5. I agree, the medallion feels tight on my shoulder and I am petite, it also feels tight going in and out of it, still debating....
  6. I own the Medallion Tote, and I love it for days when I'm not carrying a lot. But it is somewhat similar in capacity size to the Jumbo flap. For variety, you might want to get the GST instead.
  7. I also prefer the GST
  8. Here I go, ladies I agree with the GST choice, I am heading to Saks to see how I can maneuver an exchange......will see if the prices have changed also, THANK YOU, I know I will be happier with the GST size since I already have the Jumbo!
  9. I did it, thanks to you ladies, I exchanged the Medallion for the GST, the medallion was gorgeous but the size was not practical for me, I am loving the the way,IF ANY OF YOU DID NOT GET WHAT YOU WANTED FROM THE CLASSIC LINE BEFORE THE INCREASE.........There is still a way.....p.m. if you want the info.