Ladies....Need Help...Do you think this is "purple" enough?

  1. I think its more burgendy than purple but I do like the colour a LOT!
  2. :drool:why don't they have purple drool???
  3. I think this color might be more wearable as an everyday bag than the purple. I wear tons of brown/pink/beige during the spring. Do you think this is a good match for these colors, or is it too dark?? Am thinking about getting this for a spring/summer everyday bag.

    Am really debating with this one, the bay or the saskia. I went to the store to take a look at the saskia, and don't really like how the leather feel. Am worried about the quilted Bay because from I heard from SA, the corners get kinda worn fairly quickly because how the bag sags and sits on its "legs". And the patent bay is simply "too loud" for me, even though the color and the patent leather are TDF:heart::heart:. With the distressed leather, this bag probably can take more beating than the other 2. With the amount of $$ that I am going to spend on this, I am going to get the most use out of it. And, this bag does not scream "designer bag", unless the person knows Chloe well.
  4. acshih, this bag is perfect. Perfect, perfect.

    I'm like you - I'm not big on really structured bags that are too stylish (sorry, I'm not trying to say you're not stylish LOL) - I like a bag with great texture and a relaxed look that can be dressed up or down, that looks great with grubby jeans or a LBD. I'm the same - the Bay is too fancy for me, even though it doesn't scream "showoff" it somehow looks like I've borrowed Posh Spice's bag.... except I'm not Posh Spice, so it looks out of place.

    I adore the colour - ever since you posted the catalogue pics, this has been on my "on-the-side" Chloe wishlist. I think the colour is subtle but dramatic - it's a bag that people may not glance at in the street, but you'll get lots of compliments when they get a closer look.
  5. Thanks, I-wona. Actually, you've just hit the nail on the head:tup:. I am not stylish at all, very boring when it comes down to clothes and shoes. I don't wear skirts. No fancy tops. No high heels shoes. In my line of work, I need to walk a lot, stand a lot and crawl a lot. Can you imagine wearing high heels with silk blouse and skirt crawling on the floor fine-tuning lab equipment, lol.
  6. Then long live designer purses as your girlie thing. I say keep Heloise and wear her brown/purpleness in great health.
  7. I feel the exact same way acshih and I think this bag is perfect! I am quite conservative too andlike more classic styles/colours so I say this has it all......and its not easy to find a really nice burgendy bag.:tup::tup:
  8. :tup:Acshih, I think this bag is lovely:heart: - very classy and a lovely rich colour tone. I don't think you need to worry whether the hue is purple 'enough', because there's no point going for an extreme purple if it's not compatible with the rest of your wardrobe:nogood:.

    Now I must stick up for my precious quilted Bay that got a drubbing from your SA. As you know, I have quite a collection of these bags and none of them have become worn
    around the corners :nogood:. The only one I've had a problem with has been the Argent version because the metallic finish has worn off in certain places, but the others are all aging very well - in fact, getting even better with age actually:okay:.
  9. Absolutely love this bag, I've had my eye on this one from the beginning. The color is stunning. It's also one of those pre-order from BG, which if the past dictates, many times is a hot seller and sells out everywhere, making it impossible to find........have I convinced you yet??;)

    As I look at that pic, I'm getting closer and closer myself. I just hate buying when they're not on sale, but this one may not stick around for the sales.
  10. I dont meant to be a "killjoy", but since you were so insistent on a purple /violet bag, do you think this shade will satisfy your "thirst"? You'll have one left (ahem!) for the rest of the year, so you'd really have to pick up the right bag...
    Otherwise, if you are certain purple wont go with your clothes and this is the bag you really like for SS08, go ahead and get it...
  11. Acshih - don't you already have the purple YSL that was in your avatar? That should satisfy you for that purple-ness that is invading our fashion consciousness. But this color for the Heloise is really great in that it is much more versatile. And there is always this: what the heck? Order it. Give it a whirl. Try it on with all your clothes and THEN make up your mind. You should do it before they sell out! I agree with Ilson that they probably will. When all of us are excited about a bag then you know "others" out there are buying them too. We forget we are not the entire Chloe universe - LOL!
  12. Thanx Maria, for watching out....Like Div said, I've already got the purple YSL bag so my purple craving is satisfied a bit for now. This new color prune, seems more practical for me.:flowers:

    Div, The boutique will be getting this bag as well, and I understand that it is their summer collection which won't be in for a couple more months yet. The SA will give me a call as soon as this bag is in, so I think I am safe on the "selling out" route. Think will wait for boutique to have it in stock and I will go and "try it out" then.
  13. I think the catalog picture that you posted earlier of this bag, shows the color a lot better than BG. I think it's a very pretty reddish purple, that will go with a lot of other colors. But, I do recommend trying it on with one of your outfits to be sure.