ladies, my new purchase for 2007 and xmas gift

  1. here we go, i am so exciting with my new mc trouville in white. :heart: :love: :heart:
    ladies what do you think the colour combo:confused1: i have asked my sa to check the bag with more pink color or purple.. unfortunately in melbourne collins they only carried 3 trouvilles. and this is the best combo. i am so exciting with my new bag... before i have trouville in monogram it such a great bag but i have to let it go, i dunt think i can keep 2 same bags... now my baby safely arrived in new home:crybaby: .

    the sneakers is my gift for my brother hehaueha he turns 18, i have decided to give him something special.. haeuea its called AIX sneaker

    the Bastia thong is my xmas gift for my boyfriends.
    IMG_1442.jpg IMG_1432.jpg IMG_1435.jpg IMG_1438.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!! I esp. love your Trouville!! Congrats!
  3. Excellent!!
  4. nice.

    ooh, boyfriendS

  5. thanks sophia... you are so pretty i have seen your pictures... you make me jealous you are so tall.. hm... perfect
  6. Yummy, I like the color combo very much.
    Congratulations on your lovely bag.
  7. Congrats!!! Love the MC, and 'boyfriends'......?? hum?? lol
  8. Yay! I love the trouville! Congrats...
  9. i am in :heart: with your new MC trouville! lucky ducky! enjoy :biggrin:
  10. congrats! i like the color trouville had 5 pink & purple LV's on it!
  11. man, that touville is smokin hot! i love the flip flops as well!
  12. The purple,pink,yellow is my favorite color combo, and it's twice on your bag! Perfect, I think it's beautiful!
  13. thank you ladies

    ilovepurses... you make me more jealous... hiksshiks...

    ladies i also attached my exbaby.... monogram trouville.. sorry the pics taken actually for eBay attachment
  14. No worries excellent color combination!

  15. wow the MC trouville is stunning. I go gaga over anything MC, except the speedy and idk why that is? I love pink and purple, and would def ask for more of those colors also.. that one looks great! and what an awesome sister!