Ladies My "new Hair" ;-)!!

  1. hi ladies,
    my new "hair"
    new hair 025.JPG
  2. here are more pics
    new hair 025.JPG new hair 023.JPG new hair 024.JPG
  3. So pretty and shiny! I love it!
  4. You look beautiful! That style is so flattering and glamorous! Love it!
  5. cute!! The style is very flattering.
  6. Cute. Did she do your curls with curling iron or a flat iron?
  7. You look very pretty! I like it!
  8. ^ :yes: I love it!
  9. she used the "old school" flat iron. ladies thank you for thw wonderful compliments, i feel so pretty, i've been in a little rut. i feel better and to come here and share with you is even better:flowers::flowers:
  10. I agree the style is very flattering on you! Love it!
  11. You look so pretty and I can't believe how shiny and perfect your hair looks. Enjoy your new style. Nothing better than doing something different to make us feel better.
  12. Your hair looks perfect! Great choice. Lovin' the curlies!
  13. Cute! I would love it if my hair looked like that.
  14. love it!!! The style really flatters you!
  15. You look really pretty ^_^ Your hair looks amazing!