Ladies, meet my new Bleeker Slim Duffle, Elisa, w/pics...

  1. I luv her:yahoo:! The color is Walnut in burnished leather with the Tattersall lining, two large flap pockets on the front and one patch pocket on the back. For a size reference, I put the light colored hangtag on so that you can see just how huge this Bleeker hangtag is! Look at the ballchain that it hangs from, that's huge too! She drapes comfortably on the shoulder, and checkout the shoulder strap ring detail! I'll be interested to see more from the Bleeker Collection, but this one is a winner IMO! Enjoy my pics...
  2. Beautiful bag!!! Congrats! I wanna see the modeling pic too, please.
  3. Congrats on your new bag. This one is on my list too!
    You have great taste in bags!
  4. coachgrl i know it is a silly question but where did u order it from since i dont see any pics of bleeker collection online. did u order from catalog?congrats on ur new bag and wear it in good health.
  5. Any chance you can post larger pics and possibly some modelling pics? CONGRATS!!!!! The bag looks REALLY pretty and I LOVE the color!!! GREAT choice!
  6. I placed my order in a store after seeing her in the book from the COACH Manager's meeting. If I'm not mistaken, I recently saw her in the large red leather binder that all the stores have for us to drool over. She's style 11447.
  7. I am wearing her in the last pic, but I am terrible taking pics, and even worse loading them! I still haven't figured out how you ladies have loaded your pics so that they appear larger. When trying to load them onto tPF, I keep getting errors that my file size is too large. Any help would be much appreciated!!!
  8. upload your pics to, then resize them to the message board size...then you can copy and paste them here!!!! Cant wait to see the pics!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Beautiful! I love that bag, and the color! I would love to see a different modeling pic... It looks like it's really big... do you mind me asking the price?:smile:
  10. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the color and great job w/ the pics!!!! thanks for sharing!!!
  11. She was $748.
  12. Great bag! Nice modeling pic...good to see it larger as it was white on white, hee hee.

  13. Hey...Pursegrrl...good luck w/ your new job this week!!!!