Ladies, meet Marie!;-)

  1. They are from the spring/summer collection. It was love at first sight for me; also available in light blush. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1425070213.666703.jpg
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  2. *gasp* Stunning color! I love it :smile:. Congratulations and enjoy!
  3. Lovely blue and the style looks pretty and practical. Any modelling shots? What's the height of the heel like?
  4. Very nice. You are ready for spring :smile:
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1425308052.179291.jpg

    Thanks ladies!

    Here's a picture of the modest heels, at 3cm. I have to admit that I was thinking of buying the way-more-exciting Valentino rockstuds but then I really want to get a pair that will last me for some years. Obviously, Ferragamo won!
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  6. Thanks for the mod shot - looks elegant but very comfortable - just what I need too! Dont see this style on the website - where did you get them please?
  7. Very nice! :biggrin:
  8. Wow! Lovely Marie 😍 Thanks for the pics. I hope it'll be available in the US soon. I want! 😊

  9. Oh, forgot to ask. How's the sizing? Thanks 😀
  10. You are welcome, Silkpearl! You are right; they are not featured on the website. I got them in Marbella, Southern Spain but I imagine they will be available in the US very soon!;)

    Re the sizing, they definitely run small. I usually wear a 7C or 7D in their Vara/Varina but I had to get a 8C for this pair of sandals. 7C was just plain tight. Hope the info helps, Ljlj!:smile:

  11. Thank you Chinese Warrior. That was very helpful. 😀 I can't wait for these sandals to hit U.S. stores! I might go for the regular non-patent leather as well. Thanks again!
  12. Wow, I really like these!
  13. I just love how the front and back of the footbed have the black leather, it really dresses them up!
  14. Beautiful, love the blue with the gold hardware. I think you made a good call over the rockstuds. Both have their merits, but these look a little more comfy and are not as ubiquitous. Plus with warm weather on the way, a sandal is in order for now. Will keep an eye out for them in the US!
  15. A quick update on these sandals--worn them for the first time yesterday and I am relieved to report that there were no discomfort nor the need to break them in! So, go get them for the sunny days ahead!!️