Ladies Meet Jacob (Shepton Mallet reveal July 14th 09)

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  1. [​IMG]

    This is Jacob messenger a grey lightweight antiqued leather from italy which is so soft with a wax finish.
    He has a long top zip under his black suede flap and inside he is linned with black soft fabric also has a large zipped pocket and a slip pocket.

    His wide strap is made of the same soft leather and his hw is a lovewly shiney silver and he has to mulberry stamped buckles either end. his base has a double layer of leather so he dont droop. the black small strap on the front has a magnetic self closing button .

    he was a bargin reduced from £495 to £148:yahoo:and i love him to bits.
  2. Oooh Jacob you handsome fellow!! :nuts:

    LOVE the colour Snowshoe & what a Billy-Bargain!! :yahoo:

    Congrats!! :biggrin:
  3. Wow, Snowy, Jacob sounds gorgeous! And a bargain at that! But where are the pics?
  4. Congratulations Snowshoe. Jacob looks brilliant and what a bargain price too! Sorry I missed the meet on Tuesday. I somehow got my wires crossed thinking it was cancelled.
  5. Gorgeous bag Snowshoe-well done:biggrin: Great bargain:smile:
  6. ^ Oh TC - it wasn't cancelled but Bagcrazy couldn't come over because of the death of her mother. She wanted us to go ahead with the meet and think of her - and we did!

    Back to the bag - excuse my french but I bloody love that bag!!!! I tried it on and instantly loved it but I was on firm instructions from hubby that I was not to buy anything at SM as I got 2 bags last week! and hubby was there so I couldn't even sneakily buy it and explain later!

    I will get one though - I simply love the leather and the colour is tdf!
  7. what a lovely bag and a great price too!
  8. Yay, it's Jacob :yahoo:Lovely leather and he looks fab on. Love that wide strap and the silver buckles.
  9. hes the smaller one out of 2 the same style but tobe honest i not only got all my stuff i had in my ledbury from yesterday in him i also stuffed one of my m&s summer fleeces in him to pad him out for the pic, and theres still more room . hes a lovely size and so soft and smochy
  10. OMG! What a bag, I want one too...

    Snowshoe, colors seem to match to your cat :biggrin:
  11. Thanks for pm'ing me the link to pic of Jacob. He's gorgeous!
  12. Oh stop it - you're making me want one more now!!!! I might have to do a little ebaying I think.
  13. #13 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    What a sophisticated gentleman! Any chance of modelling pics?
  14. Wow that was a bargain, congrats its lovely :biggrin:
  15. Get off, you can't have him, he's mine!:biggrin: haha