Ladies, look what arrived today :)

  1. I finally got my chain strap bag!!! It arrived this morning!! It is so beautiful and sooooooooft:love: ! I just love it!

    Here are some pics!!!

    (i know that Bjara already posted her bag but i am so excited ....i hope you don't mind:amuse: )

    Oh, and by the way, meet my friend Stan in the last pic! He helps me to get through my exams:lol:
    DSC00885.JPG DSC00886.JPG DSC00891.JPG DSC00892.JPG DSC00894.JPG
  2. ohhh it's gorgeous......and stan is so fashionable :P
  3. Congratulations! It's beautiful! I really like how soft and supple it looks and it looks great on your very skinny friend! ;)
  4. Love your Bag!! And Stan is the sexiest!! Congrats!
  5. Pretty bag, congratulations! Love your "bag model", LOL!
  6. Hahah love the bag! but stan needs to gain a few pounds! lol
  7. Yay! congrats!! Are you going to post an updated GD family pic? is this #7? #8? :lol:
  8. Beautiful!!! Can i ask if this bag is the same size as the orginal GD? Also, is it heavier with the chain straps? if so, how much heavier? Thanks... oh... may i ask how much it retails for? thank you! It's lovely!!!
  9. LMFAO!!!! congrats again! You are hilarious, I am not sure if stan appreciates you using him for modeling purses instead for studying.
    fopduck, I think #9 is on its way too...
  10. Congrats it's such a beauty!! I'm so happy for you!
  11. Congrats, Daregirl!!! It is beautiful. Hopefully I can post pics of mine tomorrow!
  12. Ahhh!!! It is lovely! So beautiful! The chain gives it an extra element of style and chicness. Can't wait to see your pink one, when is it coming?

    BTW, I think you need to give Stan a hamburger, he is looking a little skinny... :biggrin:
  13. Congratulations!! What a beauty!!
  14. Thank you girls:love:

    Stan is very flattered that you guys liked him..:lol:

    Muppy, the chain strap bag has the same size as the regular charlotte and i can't say that it's heavier either!

    Spriralsnowman, i don't know when the pink is coming! My stupid bank needs 3 days to transfer the money to the french account:mad: But as soon as the store recieves it, it will arrive the next day:love:

    fodpuck, i think it is #9 like KK said! I have lost control:lol:
  15. I love it! But I think Stan needs a bigger food budget ;)