Ladies!! Look at My New Birthday Gift!


Mar 24, 2006
An early birthday gift from my wonderful husband!!! :love: :love: :love:

The other day I decided to go ahead and put my name on the waiting list for a new birkin in potiron or classic orange. I'd had seen enough recently on this forum (all those beautiful birkins and kellys lately!!!), and I was determined that that was the color I wanted next. I phone Hermes, and when I told the SA what I wanted, she said, "You know...(a little distracted)...I think we may have one in the back." What??!!! She continued, "I think it's Blue Jeans and the person on the waiting list declined so if you want it, you can have it." What???!! I knew I couldn't be hearing right because BJ was my second choice!! make a long story the BJ and put my name on the list for the potiron or orange classic. Isn't life great!!! :love: I just love my new bag, I just can't stop looking at it!


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Greentea said:
My eyes just popped out of my head. SOOOOOO pretty! Congrats - I couldn't imagine a better birthday present!

Thanks! I did learn one tidbit while talking to one of the SAs at the store regarding the JPG shoulder and I wonder if you've heard anything about this: The SA said that the JPG shoulder (which we all know) was made by JPG for the runway only, but when everbody saw it, everybody wanted it so that is why they were made. They are still being made, BUT at a limited number because the SA said, "it SLOWS down the process of making the original birkins"--apparently there are only so many artisans to make so many bags. He also said that the JGP only comes in only three colors AND that there are not huge waiting lists for them. Perhaps, at this store--they've only received less than a handful in the past year and I have one. Have you heard any of this? Wondered what your thoughts would be on this. Thanks.
Wow congratulations!! It seems there is such a flurry of good luck running through everyone here!! I love the color - it's amazing to have such great luck- you must be thrilled! Enjoy:P