"Ladies, let me entertain you"...cue the music for Miss Gypsy Rose

  1. Be gentle with me, this is my first performance....

    It's time for me to reveal something special...hinted to this in the inventory thread but needed this done right...

    So introducing on to the stage for the first time, for your viewing pleasure...Miss Gypsy Rose...
  2. A little warning to keep unauthorized paws off the goods...
  3. Yes, yes, yes.:yahoo::popcorn::yahoo::popcorn:I wanna see Gypsy Rose. I need music and champagne.
  4. :::cue "The Stripper"::::
  5. *wheee wheettt*
    comeon and take it off !!!

    i've just made my mid-morning cuppa tea
  6. Should I take off a glove...um... I mean open pandora's box?;)
  7. You know, I'm not hurtin for money but a couple of benjamins may make me dance a little faster....
  8. OMG!!!! strip away!!!!

    how about this pic of benjamin.... haha wil it inspire you to strip it all off??

  9. Hmmm....maybe I'll reveal a little more somethin somethin...are we warming up?
    almostthere.JPG ribbon.JPG
  10. More! More!
  11. ^^^ohhh..you were talking about those benjamins! hehe
  12. Oh, look what's been tossed to the side? What was it keeping all tied up?
  13. woohoo! i cant wait!
  14. Oh come one, rip her out already!! I've been waiting a week for this, lol
  15. take it off...take it ALL off!