Ladies join me at BalNY this Sat for my Birthday!

  1. Hi every one,
    This Sat is my Birthday and i am going to NY.:party: BalNY will be my first stop for sure. :nuts: I have a store credit that i am thinking of using but any suggestions from any one will be helpful? I think seeing every thing in person will make the decision easier for me (at least i am hoping so).:sweatdrop:
  2. HAPPY early BIRTHDAY NANAZ!!!!!!!
    I wish I could be in NY with you but I can't! Make sure and buy yourself something REALLY nice for your B'Day! And make sure and post pics! HAVE FUN!!!!
  3. I will be with you in spirit of course! But you'll call me when you get there right?:p
  4. happy early b-day!!!!!!

    i am gonna be new york on sunday~~ and here i come BalNY~~~
  5. ugh so jealous! :p

    happy early bday and have fun!!
  6. Thanks every one but please give me your suggestions too.:p
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY:party:
    Oh I wish I could come New York:crybaby: that would be my dream.
    Anyway I have the French blue, the color is to die for also vert gazon very pretty.
  8. Is there any colours you really like?
  9. Oh, I wish I could go! I think you should get a GH PT. What your favorite color this season? And what colors do you already have?
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish that I could escape this fashion desert and go to NYC! What is your current collection? I think that vermillion would be amazing for you.
  11. Oh lord my current collection :sweatdrop: It has changed so many times.:nuts:
    Giant Natural Work
    Black Day
    Ink Day (coming to me soon)
    Vert D'eau City (might go back)
    I am hoping i can find some thing different.:shrugs:
  12. Okay, I think that VG w/ GH is nice and so is cracker's FB w/ GH. Is there any color in paticular you are leaning towards?
  13. Looks like you need a red bag!!! How about a red Work or City? That's what I'd get anyhow!

  14. Happy early b-day to you! :party:
    What about vert d'eau city w/gh? I know you love the color... if you are thinking about returning yours w/classic why not get the gh????
  15. Shasta girl i tried all those colors with GH. :upsidedown: Remember my thread? giant VG PT, Giant FB PT and Giant Black Work? :nuts: I decided no more GH. :wacko: I like to wait for the Silver hardware but i am hoping to find some thing amazing (i don't know what).:shrugs: Do you know what i mean? i have seen all the S/S colors:throwup: and i think i need to discover some thing new.:yahoo: