Ladies, I've missed y'all!!

  1. Ladies, my house is coming along great, the closing date is right around mid-May:smile: Cabinets are in and they've painted one coat in the house so far...still a ways to go, but in the meantime, guess what my latest purchase was? Not a new bag, nothing that I'm loving, loving at the moment, but I got the cutest platforms:smile: Yes! The Louboutin peep-toe black leather wooden 4' inch platforms!! Was that crazy of me? I haven't been shopping since Christmas and this is my first purchase since. I love these shoes, I will look taller!! YAY!!
    cl_bk_missmarple_carmen_1.jpg cl_bk_missmarpleplatform_5.jpg cl_bk_missmarple_carmen_2.jpg
  2. wow! those are some GORGEOUS shoes, mind me asking how much they were?:smile:
  3. Love :love: :love: :love: those shoes. Great purchase!!!
  4. Gorgeous...I just bought 4" heels and I feel super tall in them. You will love them! Enjoy.

    oops...forgot to say glad you are back.
  5. They sell for $710+tax at department stores(Neimans, BG, Saks), but I tried to find my size (5.5) everywhere and failed...until the great ebay! I got them for a hefty price tag $915 includes shipping. I know, I'm sick....just tell me they're beautiful and sexy!! I even bought a size 5 to see if I could get my foot in, but couldn't so I returned them at Saks and searched on ebay and found them. I have to pay extra, but I'm okay with that. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shoe:smile::love:
  6. I love the shoes. They are beautiful [​IMG]
  7. LOVE those shoes!
  8. Gorgeous shoes.
  9. Oh your shoes are soooo darn cute!
  10. Very chic!
  11. congrats on the progress of your house :smile: and your shoes are lovely!
  12. those shoes are so cute! and they don't look like they'll cripple you either!

    congrat on the progress of your house!
  13. Wow those are absolutely adorable!!!!!!!

    Glad to hear your house is coming along nicely!
  14. Lieu, they are SO hot! I love the new open toe style!
    Great to hear from you:love: ....what's up with the JPG?;)
  15. I want.......those shoes!!! They are so sexy....good purchase!!