Ladies, I've missed y'all!!


Sep 13, 2005
Ladies, my house is coming along great, the closing date is right around mid-May:smile: Cabinets are in and they've painted one coat in the house so far...still a ways to go, but in the meantime, guess what my latest purchase was? Not a new bag, nothing that I'm loving, loving at the moment, but I got the cutest platforms:smile: Yes! The Louboutin peep-toe black leather wooden 4' inch platforms!! Was that crazy of me? I haven't been shopping since Christmas and this is my first purchase since. I love these shoes, I will look taller!! YAY!!


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They sell for $710+tax at department stores(Neimans, BG, Saks), but I tried to find my size (5.5) everywhere and failed...until the great ebay! I got them for a hefty price tag $915 includes shipping. I know, I'm sick....just tell me they're beautiful and sexy!! I even bought a size 5 to see if I could get my foot in, but couldn't so I returned them at Saks and searched on ebay and found them. I have to pay extra, but I'm okay with that. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shoe:smile::love:
I love the shoes. They are beautiful