Ladies....I've gone too far.....with my hubby!!

  1. Hi ladies, well, how the heck did this happen???

    Most of you know that I have a great DH that tolerates my bag buying obsessions. He wasn't always that way, he used to fight me about how much these bags cost. I like to think I have "cultured" him in the joys of quality items :lol: :lol: . However, tonight he goes to our printer and finds a piece of paper that I printed out (and forgot to get off the printer) of a Damier Speedy 25 and Damier Alma. He brings the paper over to me and says....

    Him - "Oh, are you thinking about getting a Damier now?"
    Me - "Uh, well, yea, not RIGHT now, but you know...
    Him - (cuts me off) "Damier is awesome, I really like Damier"
    Me - "Uh, you do?"
    Him - "Yea, you should get the Speedy, and as a matter of fact, I WOULD

    Me - :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    What have I done????? Now, HE wants LV stuff??? Okay, now there's not enough money here to feed TWO people LV!!!!!! :lol:

    He used to think spending money on this stuff was he wants it? I know I trained him to like this stuff and appreciate it....but look ladies, it CAN go to far.

    Imagine if you all had to cut your LV buying in HALF cause everytime you got something, your hubby wanted something too!!!!!!

    OH - MY - GOD
  2. Wow, I'm so impressed he knows the word Damier. Hopefully he'll just stick with wallets. At least you can go to the LV store together. :yes:
  3. Lol my dad did that to my mom awhile ago. Now I don't know what he ever did before he discovered LV wallets haha.
  4. that's great news. you won't feel guilty now if you buy an lv. my dh told me that my accessories are getting too expensive. i will need to train him. :graucho:
  5. 0o0o0 tr444 - you both might have to alternate months to buy LV stuff... hehehehehe, you both have BONDED even more... your DH is TOTALLY your soul mate!!! :yahoo: yeah go the SPEEDY DAMIER! :wlae:
  6. same here...we need to train them...LV accessoires are the yummiest:P ...I was just on the vuitton site come up with what I would like for x-mas...not sure:shrugs: if I will get any LV but, will try:P ...
  7. That has happened to me, too! When I got my first damier, my husband had to have a damier wallet. Then he got an agenda when I got mine. At first I was excited about it, now I'm thinking the same thing--we BOTH can't do this or nobody will eat!
  8. speedy for you in daimer...ohhh..sooo nice and a wallet for him in how cute would that all you need is matching get him a mono wallet...he can co-ordinate his wallets with your bags that would be soooo cute...LOL:graucho:
  9. LOL, that's a good one! I'm so sorry...I don't mean to be rude...the good thing is that there's someone else in the family who shares your love for LV. He'll be more willing to buy stuff for u when he enjoys them as well! I'd love for dh to not scorn n scoff at my LVs...yeah, sharing the LV kitty su*ks tho...
  10. Now I gotta spend $350 on a men's damier wallet.....and what I'm saying know, .......that's half way to another bag. That's all I'm saying.

    But, of course, you know, gotta do the sharing thing......I guess, yea, gotta share.....
  11. it's cute!!
    My boyfriend totally nutures my LV "habit" he even has his own collection which includes pegase,keepall, passport holder, cc holder, wallet, cell phone holder, ties, belts & shoes & even the groom agenda. I really like it that we have a common hobby
  12. Don't get me wrong. I totally appreciate hubby, kids, everything. I am very lucky and I thank God for that everyday. But, you know, I'm addicted to handbags. So, there's really not room for two in my handbag world!!!!
  13. LOL traci! I actually wish hubby would buy an LV wallet so I would feel less guilt....for example...I could buy a 1K+ bag and bring him a little wallet or somethng....and he's happy because he got something (I did this yesterday at the mall...I spent $300 and bought him a jacket for $70 and he was happy LOL
  14. That is SO excellent! I would love for DH to take an interest in owning LV. I am so jealous... ;)
  15. Too cute! I tried to buy my DH a wallet for valentines day...he said thanks...but then when he wasn't using it...he said, I don't want to hurt your feelings, it's just not back it went.

    Like you said, in a way I am glad.