Ladies its done

  1. Hi,

    Not been on here for a week an its seems ages. My shop is now fitted out and ready to go its really really nice. Anyway the messenger i brought has come in useful as i have been riding in. so jobs a gooden.
  2. Congrats on emptying out all of the boxes. Wishing you the best of luck with your opening.
  3. Congratulations and good luck! Tell me the name of your store and what you sell. The address too! Can you post a picture of the storefront and the inside? Let's celebrate you! What messenger bag do you have?
  4. Well done! Hope it's a great success for you!
  5. Can`t wait until you go online so we can have a look at all your stock:yes:

    I always think that spring/summer is a fab time for dressing little girls.

    I spend more time over their clothes than mine !!
  6. OOh well done :tup: Sounds like you have been working very hard on it, cant wait to have a nosey online - not that I have any children myself but you know, theres friends and family to think of :lol:
  7. Many congrats.

    Ooooo I have a niece to spoil - hope you get online soon.
  8. Good luck
  9. Good Luck Evie!!! Let us know how it goes!! Still am just loving the name!!
  10. All the best, how exciting!!
  11. thank u all so much. we will be on line soon.

    TG the shop is called mucky pups, its childrens clothes and i will post pics soon.

  12. Oooo!!! Evie congratulations!! I wish you every success,God knows you deserve it,you've worked so hard!!!:heart::love::tup::tender:
  13. thanks Chaz.

    The people came to put the sign up the other day and it is mucky in pink aqnd pups in blue well the mucky is in purple or claret. this means the sign is in claret and blue. Well if any of you know anything about footie this is Aston Villa colours well my husband is a massive Blues fan. The sign has to go. oh how i laughed when i saw it!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^ hahahaaa!! That is too funny!!! Glad its all going well hun!!! Well on your way now eh?!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx
  15. good luck Evie - so glad your shop is ready. I love kids clothes, so much fun!