Ladies - I'm torn and need help!!

  1. So.. I went on my first Coach shopping spree last night (PCE, of course :nuts:) and bought:

    Black sig med Carly
    Black sig Hampton slim envelope wallet
    Black sig Hampton mini skinny
    Hamptons print oblong scarf
    'J' charm
    Pig charm
    Ocean charms keyfob

    Planning to pick up the Watercolor ponytail scarf, Optic sig ponytail scarf & ergo scarf print wristlet today at the store.

    But I can't decide which beauty case to get! I really like the Watercolor case, but I don't know if it will match with the black carly, or it stands out too much.

    Need your feedback please!! :sad:
  2. I love the watercolor beauty case...I think it would go great with the black, especially if you get and wear the scarf with it.
  3. is the legacy beauty case still available?
    I love that.
  4. The watercolor one will pop against the Carly. Any will look great. I also love the denim stripe one. Nice haul!!! Pics please!
  5. Yes, I think the watercolor would look really nice with your set. It's very perky and will add nice color to your bag. Definitely post your pics!
  6. I was considering the Legacy one as well. But it's no longer available in the stores. Anyone know if if I can still order it?

    Thanks for all of your input ladies. You are the best gals ever! I'll post pics once I receive my FedEx package next week! Most of my purchases had to be ordered. :okay:
  7. it's long gone, I've asked twice about it this week and both times the sa's looked in the computer and chuckled and said LONG gone.

  8. If you love the watercolour, get it!!! It will look absolutely fine with the Carly and who cares if it doesn't match exactly. It will still look good together. Great choices for PCE! I'm glad you were able to go on a Coach spree Wheeee!
  9. Aww booo :tdown: I saw one on eBay and the seller listed it for $150. What a rip-off!