Ladies, I'm stuck between my head and my heart. HELP!

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  1. I'm starting law school this upcoming fall, and as a graduation/law school acceptance gift, my mother has given me the opportunity to choose the bag of my dreams :loveeyes:

    I've narrowed my choice to the Prada Saffiano Double Zip Executive Tote. However, I'm having a heartache choosing between two very classic colors.

    My brain tells me to choose black. Black would make a very classic bag that I can use for work, internships, interviews.

    As a side note, I would like to mention, I am attending law school in downtown LA, near the fashion districts, and I may be interning in fashion related legal positions for fashion/patent law (my school offers a program). However, my path is set for criminal law. Do you think this bag is suitable or too flashy?


    But my heart tells me to choose brown. It goes with a lot of my brighter outfits I wear normally and would work as a great weekend bag. Would this bag be appropriate for legal positions and work well with darker toned suits?


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  2. Both colors are beautiful and professional in appearance and therefore would make both appropriate. I don't think it is too flashy at all. Choose the bag that you will get the most use of and will love. It appears that it would be the brown from your comments :smile:.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. You deserve a beautiful handbag to commemorate it. :smile:
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    I agree with Hot 4 handbags that both would be appropriate for what you would use the bag for. The brown/caramel will be absolutely fine for work as well.

    Our family lawyer has used very similar bags in brown when we would meet with her (she may have even used a Prada saffiano at one point, though it was probably a daino? I didn't know Prada too well then (still don't really). Moving on...), so I would think that that could be a good reference as far as lawyers go. :smile: From someone in the corporate world (though not a lawyer), I definitely see brown a lot on my subordinates and peers, and it always looks professional. The color itself is fine - it would be the style the color is on, that *could* be inappropriate - but the style you are looking at is very professional-looking to me.

    Congrats! Also - good luck on your purchase. :biggrin:
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    You're in LA. Go crazy and try something different. Some of the blue saffiano colors are also good neutrals. You don't want to blend in. You want to be noticed. ;)


  5. They both look great and equally professional. It honestly depends on what you wear more and how many black vs. brown bags you own already. I usually end up going to the store and buying the bag I can't put down.
  6. I prefer brown one, only because I personally think it's suitable in all seasons.
  7. I think both colours are professional. If it helps, I am a practising lawyer and I do often use a brown bag (Mulberry Bayswater), which works with a lot of my outfits. So if you really want the brown, you should get it!
  8. :loveeyes: :loveeyes: :loveeyes:
  9. I would say brown as i agree with the second post.
    Also, remember that brown is a neutral Colour and it is not that flashy.
  10. I would say go with the brown, think you will get more wear from it and still very professional - congratulations :smile:

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  11. This!! plus my Prada Saffiano in Caramel literally goes w/ everything. Brown, black, gray, ivory, navy, pastels etc. Seasonless and classic.
  12. I'm a paralegal. Both are perfectly appropriate for clients and court. Pick what you love! I like the brown. Very classy and less severe.
  13. Love the caramel brown. There are a zillion black bags out there.
  14. They are both appropriate & classic colors, I think you should go with the caramel brown as it will go with everything & all seasons, Congrats! :smile:
  15. Deff. the caramel brown. So many SA's will say go with the black but you live in L.A. and think about it, as a lawyer brown comes to mind. In high school you could never get me out of black but in college brown just seems so calming. So many carry the LV brief cases etc, which are brown. I'm now rambling but I think in the back of your mind you want the brown one but are feeling a bit timid. So IMHO as an attorney brown will be your color.