Ladies...I'm purchasing my FIRST Balenciaga....Please Help :)

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I am looking to purchase my very FIRST Balenciaga bag... any ideas on what my first purchase should be? Color should be? (i'm leaning towards red... but what do you recommend?)
    I looked at some pictures, and they all seem to look very similar... can someone help me make a good decision on my first investment :rolleyes: Thank you very much... looking forward to hearing what you all have to say!
  2. heehee~ welcome to the dark side.

    I'd check out the humongous reference library. And, no, they are not all very similiar, just the way Balenciaga lays out hardware, other than that- each bag is like a fingerprint- different. And it all depends on what kind of leather you like- smooth, distressed, veiny, saturated. If you like red- I'd suggest something from this past season- Tomato is the prettiest in my opinion and I don't even like red!

    Good luck finding your first bbag- I'm sure the sickness won't end anytime soon! hahahaha!! :devil:
  3. WOW Alaska! I didn't know there were so many details on the leather... hum... well I'm hoping that I can purchase something less than $1500... is that even possible? What style can I get with that? I know some bags run up and over $2000... but let's start off with one...and then maybe...we'll go up from there! hahaha
  4. WOWZER! 1.5K to work with! Hmm- so many possibilities!

    What can you buy with 1500?

    Lots of possibles...check out the latest prices! Where are you? Anywhere near a store that has bbags? I'd go for a City or a Twiggy and a wallet- IMO I'd get something in color- blacks and whites are offered every season- it's the colors that make that season special. The bag in my signature is from 2005 and is called Turquoise City. It's impossible to find b/c of the year and the color. It's my HG.

    Check out the color swatches, the clubs all in the reference threads---they are extremely helpful. :flowers:

    I'm always excited when a newbie comes! Yaaaay!!! The leather will draw you back forever and ever!!
  5. ^^^ Haaa... u can get almost anything with that amount of $$. I suggest a EB RH Part Time.. $1295. Why? bcos im wanting that badly. Haa..
  6. shooo- if we're going for "what I want" then I'm saying go for Electric Blue Giant Silver Hardware City

    or Electric Blue Twiggy! or I want Vert Thyme Giant Gold Hardware 05 Turq City...or......................................... :upsidedown:
  7. welcome. are in in the States? unless you want to waste your 1.5k i suggest you go to the stores to see for yourself what colour/style suits you best. but if you're like me i have to buy bags unseen, then please do your due diligence of going thru the photos already put up by many members and make your own informed decision. you can't be asking us to decide what bag to buy when YOU're going to use it yourself. a red bbag is failsafe, just as a black bbag is. it's entirely up to the individual.
  8. ITA!!:yes: Especially for a newbie like yourself, it is always better to go into the shop and see and touch the leathers for yourself, although generally speaking , from reading thru everyone's posts, 2005 and earlier had the best leathers, it really differs from bag to bag :nuts: so your best bet is to check them out IRL!Good Luck!!:flowers:
  9. Bag Gurl: I agree with the two previous posters. You should go into the boutique and check them out for yourself.

    but...... if you are completely isolated as myself- I'd go for thick, saturated, distressed/smooth (depending on your preference) leather.

    A big part of me says go for black- but 'eh- black's always there- every season.... :shrugs:
  10. I started off hanging around this forum, reading & digesting everything I could. I check different bags & then colours. The reference section is a godsend!!! I went to & fro so much. I learn to tell even what kind of leather I like on top of shape, hardware, colour & where I want to buy. I also went to check the bags in person before I finally decided. What I can say is don't rush it, take your time to view as many pictures & read as much as you can so you will get your hands on THE bag. Good luck & have fun!!!

    Psst after the 1st bag, you would unknowingly cross on to the dark side! :p
  11. Hello Ladies...

    Thank you very much for your opinions. I do not live near a Bbag location... so i will have to do my research in this forum. (which i know, has excellent info) I do travel 2-3 times a year, SOOOO maybe the places that I go to this year might have a store. I wish we had one here, then it would make it so much easier. But I don't... so its nice to hear from some Bbag Lovers. Thanks again... looking forward to doing my research :smile:
  12. You may be closer to a bbag location than you think. Checkout the link here for recommended stores. I know my local Saks has a few, but they can also get them from other stores. Other than that the resources here are excellent, and if you post what you need in a bag i.e. what you would carry in it, then the great people here can really help you a lot more :tup:

    That's my two pennies (from a guy who knew nothing here)...

  13. I am saving for my first b bag i am getting a black first because as my most expensive bag i want it to be the most practial bag the i can use alot! Once i enter into the dark side lol! i love the new blue for this season! good luck in getting your b bag
  14. Hello Alaska, after having a look through the reference library, i am still confused! I am a balenciaga newbie interested in getting a CITY. I have pretty much decided on anything in the blue family, with reg hardware. However i am now having difficulties with leather type as, unfortunately i am in Perth, Australia, and there is only one store here, and they have a limited range. After looking at hundreds of photos on this forum, i am inclined towards the smoother, thicker, less veiny finish. are there any blue colours you would recommend that fit this bill, more so than others?

    I have been thinking about electric blue ... ?

    thanks, :smile:
  15. Hi Hayley, sounds like you just described my new EB city, it has very smooth leather, quite thick and not too veiny, IMO:tup: do you know if they have it there in Perth? Of course since this is your first purchase of Bbag, you should be able to atleast see/touch it IRL :smile: Always better to see exactly what you are buying!